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Sun 4 Mar

Steyning Stinger Marathon

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Place Pts Name Time

Steve Cooney

58   Melanie Johnstone 4:45:43
101   Ruth Cottam (L40) 5:52:26
102   Andy Stalley (M40) 5:52:32

Sun 4 Mar

Steyning Stinger Half

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Place Pts Name Time

Colin Wilkie (M50)

166   Rob Wilson (M70) 3:18:00
167   Doug White (M50) 3:18:12
177   Kate Knight (L40) 4:01:49

Sun 11 Feb

Punchbowl Marathon

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A Surrey LDWA off-road 30 miler. Bizarrely, Doug finished after Ruth and Rob, but was given a faster time. A steward's enquiry has been called for. This was Rob's 299th marathon or ultra.

Place Pts Name Time

Steve Cooney
Melanie Johnstone

    Doug White (M50) 9:01
    Rob Wilson (M70)
Ruth Cottam (M40)

Sat 10 Feb

Surrey League XC Men - Lightwater Pk - Fixture 4

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A slightly different course from the one earlier in the season - only 2 longer laps with lots more twists and turns, instead of 1 short and 2 long. Nigel managed to get well away from Andrew this time, his new-found Chi running style giving him the advantage he vowed. John managed to survive a dodgy back, and Doug found some new speed to beat Rob this time.
Collingwood finished 5th on the day and 5th overall for the season.

Place Pts Name Time
14 14

Martin Lloyd (M40)

20 20 Steve Cooney 38:35
34 34 Nigel Pointer (M40) 42:04
38 38 Andrew Griffin (M40) 43:15
50 47 John Allen (M60) 50:16
54 50 Doug White (M50) 54:46
55 51 Rob Wilson (M70) 55:33

Sat 10 Feb

Surrey League XC Ladies - Richmond Park
Fixture 4

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Collingwood teams were 9th and 23rd on the day, and finished the season 10th and 18th overall.
Thanks to all the ladies who took part this season. We re-entered a team in the ladies league for the first time in many years in the 2003/4 season and our first team finished 15th. The following season we were 13th, and in 2005/6 were 12th. This season thanks to your efforts we were 10th and consistently put out a first team and part of a second team in every race. Only another 4 or 5 years to go and we'll be winning it!

Place Pts Name Time

Mel Johnstone

54   Dee Rutter (L35) 30:18
57   Andrea Livett (L35) 31:06
59   Ruth Cottam (L40) 31:39
63   Mel Briggs 32:02
70   Gina Mancini (L40) 32:59

Sun 14 Jan

Winter Tanners

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A 30 miler on the North Downs, navigating from a sheet of directions. As per usual a fair amount of getting lost was involved, as the instructions were a little ambiguous.
Steve and Allan had the luxury of stopping off for a cup of tea at a friend's house. Tom and Andy weren't so fortunate and added to that Andy twisted his ankle along the way.

Place Pts Name Time

Steve Cooney
Allan Rumbles

    Thomas Wilkie (M50)
Andy Stalley (M40)

Sat 13 Jan

Surrey League XC Ladies - Wimbledon Common
Fixture 3

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A 2 lap course on the Roehampton side of Wimbledon Common that was undulating and muddy enough for some runners to lose shoes. Mel J was first home, and competition was tight between Mel B, Fran and Ruth, with Fran just pipping Mel before the line.
Collingwood teams are 12th and 19th after this race.

Place Pts Name Time

Mel Johnstone

58   Dee Rutter (L35) 33:57
71   Frances Ruocco 36:27
72   Mel Briggs 36:30
74   Ruth Cottam (L40) 36:43
80   Gina Mancini (L40) 38:03
94   Kate Knight (L40) 50:34

Sat 13 Jan

Surrey League XC Men - Cranford Park - Fixture 3

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A new course for us, a long way from home in Middlesex. Flat and not terribly exciting was the consensus. Andy was not quite up to his usual standards but then he was running with a hamstring injury which restricted him, and flared up on the run in to the finish, leaving him just about able to hobble in. Allan complained that he felt knackered, but then he has been running about a million miles a week with a pack on his back! Andrew was pleased with his run, having paced himself almost evenly for the three laps.
Collingwood was 5th on the day and is still 4th overall with one fixture to go.

Place Pts Name Time
7 7

Andy Flett

12 12 Martin Lloyd (M40) 32:50
19 19 Steve Cooney 33:43
38 37 Allan Rumbles 36:49
43 39 Nigel Pointer (M40) 39:08
44 40 Andrew Griffin (M40) 39:15
51 45 John Allen (M60) 44:32

Sat 6 Jan

Surrey County XC Champs

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3 laps of Lloyd Park - 7.5 miles. Lots of rain in the preceding day meant that Lloyd Park was the mud bath that we're well accustomed to. Fortunately we had only moderate rain during the race and just missed out on the torrential downpour that started on the way home. An excellent run from Ben, who must have been doing some secret training.


Place Pts Name Time

Martin Lloyd (M40)

113   Ben Cady 59:04
122   Steve Cooney 59:59
170   Andrew Griffin (M40) 1:08:42
182   John Allen (M60) 1:15:01

Sat 2 Dec

SLH The Pirie 10 Mile XC

Results index

10 mile XC on Farthing Downs. Long spikes seemed the order of the day after lots of rain in the last few days, but apart from a few sections it wasn't that muddy. Also, there were several stony tracks and the bit of road that are in the Near As Dammit races so long spikes were rather uncomfortable. Definitely shorter ones or studs for next time.
Dan wasn't very happy with his run and Martin was only 2 mins odd behind which is the usual sort of gap over a 5 mile XC. Also starting the race today were Ben Cady and Kate Knight. Unfortunately Ben succumbed to the pains of brand new spikes after a lap, and Kate also dropped out after a lap with her back stiffening too much to continue.


Place Pts Name Time

Dan Gillett

29   Martin Lloyd (M40) 1:08:48

Sun 25 Nov

Sth of Thames Junior - Epsom Downs

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The going was officially soft at Epsom Downs for this 5 miler. The usually firm ground took a pounding from all the rain over the last 12 hours, leaving it decidely muddy in places. It was also pretty breezy, but then that's nothing new on the exposed downs.


Place Pts Name Time

Dan Gillett

87   Martin Lloyd (M40) 37:35
98   Steve Cooney 38:41

Sun 12 Nov

The Hellrunner

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Somewhere between 10 and 12 miles (they weren't specific) on Longmoor Army Training Camp, near Petersfield. A multi-terrain course that included hills, sand dunes, water-filled pits, and several bogs.
The course started easily enough, just standard cross-country fare. Allan made an early excursion into the bushes (5 pts). After a couple of miles things started to get a little tougher, with the first of the water pools. Just knee deep, nothing too taxing. Then the hills started getting tougher, and we came to the first of the toughies... The Bog of Doom. It was obviously very popular as there was a queue to get in. It consisted of about 50 metres of thigh deep shoe-sucking slurry, with a very uneven bottom and lots of embedded logs, just to catch you out.
All managed it out of this alive but with a less than sweet smelling mud pack, and we progressed to the deeper water pits. The deepest one was lapping around the waist in places. Things got quite cold here, especially as there was a queue to get out, the exit being the deepest and trickiest part of the gully.
So far, no falls and no submissions, but Steve nearly earned himself 20 pts with a full length dive and total immersion in the final water pit, just managing to catch it and keep his head and shoulders above water.
Now we could hear the finish announcer over the tannoy. Surely not far to go then? It turned out to be another couple of miles though, including a little sting in the tail of a snaking route up and down 6 or 7 sand dunes - The Hills of Hell. That would have been very hard if we'd been truly racing it, but as it was we cruised down to the finish and a formation sprint over the line.
Final scores:
Mel 0
Martin 0 (narrow escape from a 10 pointer - nose dive into mud)
Allan 5
Steve 15 (near spectacular, and milliseconds away from being caught on camera by Mel's boyfriend)

Place Pts Name Time

Mel Johnstone
Steve Cooney
Allan Rumbles
Martin Lloyd

1:55:29 to 1:55:30

Sat 11 Nov

Ladies' Sy Lge XC Fix 2 - Lightwater Park - 6.4k

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Official, provisional results. No overall results as yet.
Another great turn-out of 7 for the ladies. Dee was a bit closer to Mel this time, with Andrea hot on her heels again. New to the team for this time was Frances, despite hating XC when she last ran it as a junior.
Thanks also to Frances and Ruth for staying on and marshalling at the men's race and for their highly vocal support.

Place Pts Name Time
35 35 Melanie Johnstone 30:32
54 54 Dee Rutter (L35) 32:58
58 58 Andrea Livett (L35) 33:16
76 76 Frances Ruocco 35:01
81 81 Mel Briggs 35:43
85 85 Ruth Cottam (L40) 36:26
87 87 Gina Mancini (L40) 36:38

Sat 11 Nov

Men's Sy Lge XC Fix 2 - Lightwater Park - 8.4k

Results index   Full Results

Another full team, including the comeback kid (!) Andy Flett. Andy's first race for around a year, and good to see him back. Collingwood was 4th with 329 pts, pending a query on the finishing position of Ben. This moves us up to 4th overall on 711.5 pts.

Place Pts Name Time
3 3 Andy Flett (M40) 31:32
11 11 Martin Lloyd (M40) 35:11
16 16 Steve Cooney 36:31
21 21 Allan Rumbles 37:03
    Ben Cady  
40 37 Andy Stalley (M40) 40:08
46 41 Nigel Pointer (M40) 41:05
50 42 Andrew Griffin (M40) 41:44
58 47 John Allen (M60) 44:44
61 50 Rob Wilson (M70) 49:31

Sun 29 Oct

Stickler 10.1

Results index

Paul reports: "My first proper run since breaking my collarbone in August. This is a good run with 3 major climbs and plenty of mud. Tough but worth it. Not too unhappy with my time considering lack of proper training."

Place Pts Name Time
    Paul Reed (M40) 1:25:50

Sat 28 Oct

East Surrey League - Lloyd Park - 5 miles

Results index

A welcome comeback for Ben as he returns to the fold with his first race in 2 or maybe 3 years, on the familiar Lloyd Park cross-country course.

Place Pts Name Time
    Ben Cady 39:53

Sun 22 Oct

Founders Marathon

Results index

A veritable Collingwood outing, with 12 members taking part in the Founders cross-country marathon. Shame they had to endure such foul weather.
It was also a milestone for the Wilson family, with grandfather Rob (72) on his 264th marathon and grand-daughter Ellie (15) on her first.

Place Pts Name Time
    Steve Cooney, Mel Johnstone, Allan Rumbles 6:52

Maeve Tomlinson, Ruth Cottam,
Paula Delaney, Frances Ruocco

    Ellie Nightingale, Emma Tomlinson 7:52
    Doug White, Rob Wilson, Thomas Wilkie 7:57

Sat 14 Oct

Surrey Veterans XC Champs

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A bright and mild Richmond Park, with only one rutting stag to worry about. Martin was pleased to have run a couple of minutes quicker than last year despite having a cold all week, and a bashed knee having tripped up on the way TO the pub. Andrew was in better physical form though, and knocked 4 minutes off last year's time.

Place Pts Name Time
56   Martin Lloyd (M40) 42:15
97   Andrew Griffin (M40) 50:18

Sat 7 Oct

Men's Sy Lge XC Div 4 - Fixture 1 - Wimbledon Common 5.2 Miles

Results index   Full Results

The event was won by Haslemere, with Collingwood in 5th on 382.5pts, pending a query on our 10th scorer missing from the results.

Place Pts Name Time
7 7 Dan Gillett 32:31
12 12 Martin Lloyd (M40) 33:48
23 23 Steve Cooney 36:45
37 37 Andy Stalley (M40) 39:55
39 39 Nigel Pointer (M40) 40:24
47 47 Andrew Griffin (M40) 42:08
49 49 John Allen (M60) 44:09
52 52 Rob Wilson (M70) 48:33
54 54 Gareth Jones (M60) 50:15
    Doug White (M50)  

Sat 7 Oct

Ladies Surrey League XC - Fixture 1 - Epsom Downs - 5.5k

Results index   Full Results (pdf)   Table (pdf)

A storming finish from Mel, passing several girls on the run-in. Welcome to new member Mel Briggs, and a welcome to cross-country for not quite so new member Ruth.
Our teams were 11th (286pts) and 25th (508pts).

Place Pts Name Time
21 21 Melanie Johnstone 24:05
50 50 Honor Simmonds 26:46
60 60 Dee Rutter (L35) 27:20
72 72 Andrea Livett (L35) 27:52
83 83 Mel Briggs 29:46
89 89 Ruth Cottam (L40) 31:04
97 97 Kate Knight (L40) 41:27

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