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Sun 30 Jul

Downland 30

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30 miles on the South Downs Way. A 12 and a half minute uphill first mile, and they reached half way in about 2 and a half hours. Unfortunately this proved to be a bit quick, and the second half was a little slower. They only got lost once (following the sheep) but this meant an extra couple of miles. Fortunately a kindly local runner helped point them back on track.

Place Pts Name Time
    Melanie Johnstone 6:51
    Allan Rumbles 6:51
    Steve Cooney 6:51

Sun 23 Jul

Jack And Jill Challenge

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Tom thought he was taking the easier option at the Downland 30 by running the 5 miler, but it proved somewhat harder than he expected, with some serious hills.

Place Pts Name Time
    Thomas Wilkie (M50) 57:58

Sun 23 Jul

Windmill Marathon

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Tom reports: "Weather was cool when we started, when we finished it was in the 90s.
Lots of food (peaches, apples, and nectarines) and drink at the check points."

Place Pts Name Time
    Thomas Wilkie (M50) 7:13
    Rob Wilson (M70) 7:13

Thur 29 Jun

Near As Damn It 10k

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Place Pts Name Time
11   Dan Gillett 40:08
17   Martin Lloyd (M40) 42:35
38   Chris FitzGerald (M40) 48:58

Sun 30 Apr

Three Forts Marathon

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Rob and Tom were less than impressed to be told at 24 miles they were over the time limit, marshalling was being withdrawn and the finish was being removed. A stiff letter to the organisers has been despatched I believe. It's acceptable to have a time limit and withdraw support at halfway or maybe 15 miles, but to DQ people 2 miles from the finish is just not on.

Place Pts Name Time
71   Steve Cooney 4:22:19
104   Melanie Johnstone 4:49:28
    Thomas Wilkie  
    Rob Wilson  

Sun 5 Mar

Steyning Stinger

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Bob reports: "Another first for me but run over a lot of the Three Forts course. Cold day to start and on top of the downs just a bit windy!! Pushed myself hard on this one so was pleased with 3hrs 49."

Place Pts Name Time
    Bob Chart (M40) 3:49:00

Sat 4 Mar

Croydon Harriers Invitation XC

Results index

Place Pts Name Time
    Dan Gillett 40:46
    Martin Lloyd (M40) 45:23
    Steve Cooney 46:33
    Kate Knight (L45) 1:14:35

Sat 25 Feb

National XC Champs - Parliament Hill Fields

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Cold and windy, but not quite as wet as Parliament Hill usually is when we visit. Fear not though, there was still plenty of ankle deep mud and swill. 1289 finishers.

Place Pts Name Time
867   Martin Lloyd (M40) 57:13
1048   Steve Cooney 1:00:39
1160   Terry Bridger (M50) 1:04:12
1264   John Allen (M50) 1:11:22

Sat 4 Feb

Men's Sy Lge Div 4 - Fixture 4 - Wimbledon Common

Results index

The final fixture of the league. A welcome return for Andy, still not back to full fitness but happy with his run nevertheless (and now a vet).
Also, a welcome to 2 members running their first event for Collingwood - Paul Dolan and Trevor Rutter.
Chris Fitz had a tough afternoon - he spent most of last night and part of the morning celebrating at his work leaving do - but despite that managed to pull a fast one on Terry in the last half mile.
Chris B enjoyed a very close inspection of the turf somewhere out on the course, spilling blood for the club and finishing with a camouflage covering.
Thanks to all for their for their time and efforts over the season.
Collingwood finished 4th on the day and 6th overall in the division. See below for today's scores and final league positions.

Place Pts Name Time
  10 Andy Flett (M40) 31:40
  26 Martin Lloyd (M40) 34:20
  36 Steve Cooney 36:08
  40 Paul Dolan 37:24
  44 Chris FitzGerald (M40) 38:18
  45 Terry Bridger (M50) 38:23
  48 Nigel Pointer (M40) 40:36
  50 Trevor Rutter (M40) 41:51
  52 Chris Brooke (M50) 42:04
  53 John Allen (M50) 42:31
    Gareth Jones (M60) 47:10
    Rob Wilson (M70) 47:39
    Doug White (M50) 48:42

4 Feb Scores:
1 Elmbridge Runners 1-3-5-6-13-15-16-17-18-24 118
2 Runnymede Runners 4-8-9-20-22-25-28-30-39-46 231
3 Veterans AC 2-7-12-14-19-29-31-32-43-55 244
4 Collingwood 10-26-36-40-44-45-48-50-52-53 404
5 Waverley H 11-27-33-35-37-51-54-58-(75)-(75) 456
6 Lingfield Runners 21-34-38-41-49-57-(75)-(75)-(75)-(75) 540
7 Dulwich Park Runners 23-42-47-56-59-(75)-(75)-(75)-(75)-(75) 602
8 Redhill & Surrey B 10x(75) 750
9 Sutton & District 10x(75) 750

Final team scores:
1 Elmbridge Runners 468+118 586
2 Runnymede Runners 687+231 918
3 Veterans AC 1153+244 1397
4 Waverley H 1272+456 1728
5 Lingfield Runners 1254+540 1794
6 Collingwood 1420+404 1824
7 Dulwich Park Runners 1677+602 2279
8 Sutton & District 2054+750 2804
9 Redhill & Surrey B 2300+750 3050

Sat 4 Feb

Ladies' Sy Lge Div 2 - Fixture 4 - Richmond Pk

Results index   Match Results   Final Results

Both Andrea and Dee had great runs in this the final fixture of the league. Marjorie was hampered by an ankle injury but persevered.
The "A" team finished 13th on the day and picked up one place to finish 12th overall. The "B" team was 27th and 24th overall of 33.

Thanks to all for their time and efforts this season in helping the team to a very creditable position in the top half of the table.

Place Pts Name Time
34 34 Melanie Johnstone 26:42
66 66 Dee Rutter (L35) 29:20
74 74 Andrea Davies (L35) 30:05
76 76 Marjorie Marsh (L40) 30:42
86 86 Gina FitzGerald (L40) 31:47
100 100 Kate Knight (L40) 37:21

Sat 14 Jan

Ladies' Sy Lge Div 2 - Fixture 3 - Merrow Downs

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5.6km on Merrow Downs, nr Guildford. A splendid turn-out in a chilling wind. Thanks to all and welcome to Dee in her first run for Collingwood.
Our "A" team is still in 13th place overall, but now only 4 pts behind 12th. Our "B" team is now in 23rd place out of 32.

Place Pts Name Time
32 32 Melanie Johnstone 26:29
47 47 Maeve Tomlinson 27:35
63 63 Andrea Livett (L35) 29:13
74 74 Marjorie Marsh (L40) 30:39
75 75 Dee Rutter (L35) 30:46
76 76 Clare Ryan 30:46
79 79 Gina FitzGerald (L40) 31:28
96 96 Kate Knight (L40) 37:26

Sat 14 Jan

Men's Sy Lge Div 4 - Fixture 3 - Epsom Downs

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A chilling wind on the exposed downs. Dan was feeling in much better form this week and was very happy with his run. Steve made a suicidal start - off with the leaders for the first 400m - but payed for it later.
A welcome return to previous member Nigel in his first race back for us.
A great turn-out. Thanks to all.
Collingwood was in 5th on the day and still 6th overall.

Place Pts Name Time
6 6 Dan Gillett 33:44
22 22 Martin Lloyd (M40) 37:28
30 30 Steve Cooney 38:30
48 43 Chris FitzGerald (M40) 41:55
51 45 Terry Bridger (M50) 42:42
56 50 Andrew Griffin (M40) 44:41
61 55 Nigel Pointer (M40) 45:15
66 58 Chris Brooke (M50) 46:03
71 61 Terry Fogarty (M50) 47:33
72 62 John Allen (M50) 47:50
80   Thomas Wilkie (M50) 51:04
82   Gareth Jones (M60) 52:20
90   Rob Wilson (M70) 55:05
91   Doug White (M50) 56:29

Sat 14 Jan

Surrey Champs - Lloyd Park

Results index   Full Results

Men 7.5 miles - Steve were suffering from lack of traction without spikes on a very muddy Lloyd Park

Ladies 5 miles - Kate ploughed a lonely furrow but kept going and even waited afterwards in the cold to watch some of the men finish.

Place Pts Name Time
88   Dan Gillett 51:13
141   Martin Lloyd (M40) 56:31
176   Steve Cooney 1:00:21
194   Andrew Griffin (M40) 1:07:42
200   John Allen (M50) 1:11:47
80   Kate Knight 1:04:16

Sun 1 Jan

Box Hill Knacker Cracker - 12km

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This one clears away the cobwebs, with the mud on some stretches, the slopes and the dreaded steps back up to the top from the stepping stones (which were under water so we were advised not to cross them!!!), the 12km seemed longer. Must do it again in the summer when it's 2 laps???

Place Pts Name Time
    Bob Chart (M40) 1:07:49

Sat 19 Nov

Ladies Sy Lge - Fixture 2 - Priory Park Reigate

Results index   Full Results

The first 5 runners home comprised an "A" team which was 15th, leaving a "B" team of one which was 28th.
Overall positions after 2 fixtures are 13th and 30th.

Place Pts Name Time
30 30 Melanie Johnstone 24:22
67 67 Andrea Livett (L35) 26:41
77 77 Marjorie Marsh (L40) 28:54
85 85 Andrea Davies (L35) 30:12
86 86 Gina FitzGerald (L40) 30:12
93 93 Kate Knight (L40) 35:05

Sat 19 Nov

Men's Sy Lge - Fixture 2 - Lightwater Park

Results index   Full Results

A great improvement over the first fixture. The team finished 4th on the day, bringing the overall position up to 6th.

Place Pts Name Time
9 9 Dan Gillett 31:53
24 24 Martin Lloyd (M40) 34:45
31 29 Steve Cooney 35:40
34 32 David Johnson 36:23
47 41 Terry Bridger (M50) 40:16
62 50 John Allen (M50) 45:00
68 54 Gareth Jones (M60) 48:28
71 56 Thomas Wilkie (M50) 49:07
73 58 Rob Wilson (M70) 50:02
74 59 Doug White (M50) 52:20

Sat 12 Nov

South of Thames 5 miles

Results index

After a good start Steve seemed to be struggling with lack of traction without spikes or studs on the usual Lloyd Park course that is starting to soften up for the winter.

Place Pts Name Time
108   Martin Lloyd (M40) 36:10
129   Steve Cooney 37:53

Sat 12 Nov

Weymouth 10

Results index

My first race since I tore my calf at The Great North. Weather was fine with little wind, which is unusual at this time of year. I took it steady and apart from my calf feeling a little tight I didn't have any problems.
Had a good sprint finish with a lady I had been trying to catch for 2 miles. I think they gave us a joint finish?

Place Pts Name Time
    Paul Reed (M40) 1:08:15

Sun 30 Oct

Beachy Head Marathon

Results index

From Seaford to Beachy Head, incorporating the Seven Sisters. Lots of hills, mud and stiles.

Place Pts Name Time
    Rob Wilson (M70) 5:48

Sun 23 Oct

Founders Marathon

Results index

Tom and Rob as is customary, got lost along the route, but at least they had an excuse this time as lots of people did the same. There were apparently some complaints about unclear directions in the instructions.

Place Pts Name Time
    Bob Chart (M40)
Steve Cooney
Maeve Tomlinson
    Melanie Johnstone 6:30
    Thomas Wilkie (M50)
Rob Wilson (M70)

Sat 22 Oct

East Surrey League - Fixture 1 - Lloyd Pk 5 miles XC

Results index

Place Pts Name Time
    Dan Gillett 32:25
    Martin Lloyd (M40) 36:42
    Andrew Griffin (M40) 44:07

Sat 15 Oct

Surrey Vets XC Champs - Richmond Park 10k

Results index   Full Results

Place Pts Name Time
70 (26)   Martin Lloyd (M45) 44:36
112 (32)   Andrew Griffin (M45) 54:33

Sat 8 Oct

Surrey Ladies League XC - Div. 2 Fix. 1
Wimbledon Common - 6k

Results index   Full Results   Team Results

A promising start for the first fixture of the season with a full team of 5 scoring runners. The numbers were filled out by our new members Honor, Clare and Marjorie, racing for Collingwood for the first time. Welcome to them, and well done to all.
There are 16 clubs in the division this season, with some having 2 teams in this event. Collingwood was 12th of 23 teams.

Place Pts Name Time
25 25 Maeve Tomlinson 29:06
57 57 Honor Simmonds 31:58
64 64 Clare Ryan 32:36
71 71 Marjorie Marsh 33:37 (L40)
75 75 Gina FitzGerald 34:42 (L40)

Sat 8 Oct

Surrey Men's League XC - Div. 4 Fix. 1
Wimbledon Common - 4.9 miles

Results index   Full Results

Dan felt he was a bit below par, and was disappointed to only overtake ex-member Keith Dunning in the last 50m.
Steve however, had a great run, leaving Martin for dust.
Collingwood was 7th of 9.

Place Pts Name Time
9 9 Dan Gillett 27:39
33 30 Steve Cooney 30:51
42 38 Martin Lloyd (M40) 32:07
57 49 Chris FitzGerald (M40) 34:32

Sun 25 Sep

Switchback 5

Results index

69 finishers.

Place Pts Name Time
17   Martin Lloyd (M40) 34:38
18   Steve Cooney 34:43

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