Cross-Country Results 2000-2002


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Sat 9 Feb 2002

Croydon Harriers Invitation
Lloyd Park

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Andy notched up his first win this season in this 3 lap, 10k race, grinding out a good steady pace and pulling away from 2nd place to finish with a comfortable gap. Dan had another good run for his second 7th place in a week.
Rob was a bit closer to Keith than of late and in front of Martin who suffered a little on the third lap. Only one race to go in the club Handicap Championship, and it looks like Keith may have edged another point or two in front to make it a double with the Road Championship.
Collingwood placed first in both the team results (4 and 6 to score).

Posn Name Time
1 Andy Flett 37:56
6 Dan Gillett 40:26
11 Keith Dunning 43:04
12 Rob Mothersole (M40) 43:21
14 Martin Lloyd (M40) 43:36
18 Jess Strong (M40) 44:51

Sat 26 Jan 2002

Sth of England Champs
Parliament Hill

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A somewhat slimmed down team for the Sth of England Champs. Just as well for those who chose not to run considering the weather and the conditions. The morning started with very strong winds and rain, and there was a torrential downpour about an hour before the start that left the course very wet. If it's possible conditions were worse than the atrocious ones last year. Having said that the increase in standing and running water probably reduced the amount of merely thick and cloying mud.
Dan went past Martin going up the first hill. Martin was sticking to his plan of running the first lap or so conservatively having experienced a living death on the third lap in a previous race here. Dan said afterwards though that he was also taking it relatively easy.
Easy as it may have seemed to him, he managed to pull out a 3 minute gap and more over Martin by the finish. This was Dan's first time on the 9 miler, but Martin ran about 5 minutes quicker than last year, although a couple of minutes slower than his best, but still managed a highest ever finishing place.
Posn Name Time
257 Dan Gillett 1:06:08
349 Martin Lloyd (M40) 1:09:33

Sat 19 Jan 2002

South of Thames Senior Champs
Wimbledon Common

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This course used part of the one we'd run in the East Surrey League relay, but with an extension to the lap to throw in a couple of hills. Andy had one of his highest finishes, and there was another close battle between Keith and Martin.
Posn Name Time
21 Andy Flett 31:47
71 Keith Dunning 35:06
73 Martin Lloyd (M40) 35:09
96 Rob Mothersole (M40) 36:14
105 Jess Strong (M40) 36:42
135 Ben Cady 39:40
156 Chris Brooke (M50) 45:11

Sat 6 Jan 2002

Surrey County Champs
Lloyd Park

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The weather had warmed considerably from the freezing temperatures on the day before, allowing the Lloyd Park course that we know so well to return to its usual soft and muddy consistency. It was certainly hard work to plough through.
Up front for Collingwood there was a close fought battle between Keith, Dan and Martin, with Keith turning the tables on the others on this occasion. Jess found the conditions a little too slippery, taking a tumble twice, in the same place on successive laps. 169 finishers. Collingwood finished 11th of 14.
Posn Name Time
72 Keith Dunning 51:59
74 Dan Gillett 52:09
75 Martin Lloyd (M40) 52:15
91 Rob Mothersole (M40) 53:56
116 Jess Strong (M40) 57:32
126 Bernard Johnson (M50) 58:42
145 Malcolm Whelan (M40) 62:17

Wed 26 Dec 2001

Saltwood Boxing Day 3

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What could be better on Boxing Day than a quick cross-country? So thought Dan, and came home with a creditable 3rd place out of about 400.
Posn Name Time
3 Dan Gillett 18:05

Sat 24 Nov 2001

London Champs
Parliament Hill Fields

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The 2 lap, 6 miler was nowhere near as muddy as in recent years. It was just nicely soft, an easy introduction for our 3 Parliament Hill virgins, Terry F, Dan and Malcolm.

Also running for the first time at Parliament Hill was Kayleigh Ivers, representing Sutton Borough in the London Heathrow Games earlier in the day over 2km (11-12 years age group). She finished in a creditable 82nd out of around 200.
Posn Name Time
43 Andy Flett 34:47
94 Dan Gillett 36:45
134 Keith Dunning 38:05
138 Martin Lloyd (M40) 38:10
231 Jess Strong (M40) 41:34
250 Terry Fogarty (M50) 42:35
281 Terry Bridger (M50) 44:28
308 Malcolm Whelan (M40) 46:19
82 Kayleigh Ivers

Sat 10 Nov 2001

Sth of Thames Junior Champs
Farthing Downs, Coulsdon

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A 2 lap, 5 mile undulating course on Farthing Downs that wasn't too muddy. It's several years since we last ran the South of Thames Champs at this venue, and this time it was in the opposite direction, which meant a steep and tricky slope down a gully to Happy Valley.
Collingwood were 12th of 30 in the main team event, and 8th of 10 in the Brent Shield where 8 runners scored.
Posn Name Time
19 Andy Flett 31:08
59 Dan Gillett 33:07
62 Keith Dunning 33:53
73 Martin Lloyd (M40) 34:29
95 Rob Mothersole (M40) 35:41
111 Jess Strong (M40) 36:59
114 Terry Fogarty (M50) 37:10
142 Malcolm Whelan (M40) 41:03

Division 4 Teams for 2000/2001
Collingwood AC Runnymede Runners
Dulwich Park Runners Vets AC
Lingfield Running Club Walton AC
Tadworth AC Waverley Harriers
Redhill Surrey Beagles 26.2 RRC

Fixture 4 - Oxshott and Final League Positions
 1    3   21   29    4    9   12   47    1    5    6    
 2   13   35   36   20   18   22   50    2   11   10    
 3   15   39   61   30   25   28   69    7   46   26    
 4   23   44   73   37   41   31   88    8   67   33    
 5   32   48   75   42   74   34   88   14   71   49    
 6   51   52   88   54   88   38   88   16   88   57    
 7   55   58   88   65   88   40   88   17   88   62    
 8   56   60   88   70   88   43   88   19   88   63    
 9   59   88   88   72   88   45   88   24   88   64    
 10   66   88   88   88   88   53   88   27   88   68    
Total  373  533  714  482  607  346  782  135  640  438 5050 Grand
   3    6    9    5    7    2   10    1    8    4    
 706 1185.5 1255.5  847 1063  968 1527.5  311 1232.5 1009    
1079 1718.5 1969.5 1329 1670 1314 2304.5  446 1872.5 1447    
   2    7    9    4    6    3   10    1    8    5    

Sat 3 Mar 2001

Croydon Harriers Invitation
Lloyd Park

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It was a bitterly cold day in Croydon for the last cross-country on the Collingwood calendar - the 10k/3 laps of Lloyd Park. As usual, it was muddy and soggy, but it could have been worse.
Keith had an excellent run, surprising even himself at how highly he finished. Rob had something of a handicap, arriving late for the start and still stripping off when the field was stretching away up the first hill, but made up a lot of ground.
Posn Name Time
21 Keith Dunning 44:10
29 Martin Lloyd (M40) 45:22
39 Rob Mothersole (M40) 47:05
55 Chris Brooke (M50) 53:47

Sat 3 Feb 2001

Surrey League Div IV Fix 4

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The final league race of the season and with our good turn-out and good finishes it was enough for 3rd place on the day, 2nd place overall and promotion to the 3rd division.
It was a changed venue from the currently submerged West End Common, and a changed course at Oxshott. This time it was 2 laps of a different route compared to the previous 3 mostly on stony paths.
Andy was once again in 3rd, but this time considerably closer to the Walton runner in front. Roger was back on the scene after absence with a calf injury, although we were missing Keith.
Surprise turn-out on the day was Rob Wilson, just in case we were short of the scoring ten, although he did manage to take a wrong turn somewhere on the very well marked course.
Cool statement of the day goes to John Allen who remarked that he was running today despite having a heart operation last week! He very nearly also claimed the distinction of finishing first and last in league races during one season - he was second to last here, and was the first to cross the line having run the correct course at the voided Tilford.
Posn Name Time
3 Andy Flett 24:00
13 Roger Wilkins (M40) 27:14
15 Rob Mothersole (M40) 27:28
23 Martin Lloyd (M40) 28:06
32 Bernard Johnson (M50) 28:56
53 Chis Brooke (M50) 31:36
57 Paul Brooke (M50) 32:09
58 Tim Anderson 32:14
61 Jess Strong 32:56
69 Rob Wilson (M60) 33:59
77 Doug White (M50) 36:29
82 John Allen (M50) 37:52

Sat 27 January 2001

Southern Counties Champs
Parliament Hill

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Truly horrendous conditions for the 3 laps/9 miles of Parliament Hill. A sea of mud - the worst in our memories.
Martin was over 9 minutes slower than his previous slowest time, but had his highest finish. Chris was 10 minutes slower than last year when conditions were pretty bad.
First prize for perseverance goes to Doug, who despite little training since a knee injury, slogged it out and finished. That was not the sort of course you really want to be attempting on virtually zero training.
Posn Name Time
601 Martin Lloyd (M40) 1:17:10
746 Terry Bridger (M50) 1:23:06
819 Chris Brooke (M50) 1:29:49
842 Tim Anderson 1:32:04
893 Doug White 1:50:26  

Sat 20 January 2001

South Of Thames Senior
Wimbledon Common

XC Index

An interesting 2 lap course over 10k on Wimbledon Common. We had expected it to be fairly flat, and frozen hard, but how wrong we were.
The course started off on frozen grassland, moving onto frozen and rutted tracks, but then threw in a few sharp hills, some ankle-deep muddy sections and a crossing over/through a brook.
Keith, already feeling a little under par from a cold, probably felt even worse when his choice of trainers rather than spikes or studs proved to be a little under par as well. He, Rob and Martin had all been together going into the first muddy section, but he dropped back then, finding traction a bit difficult. Martin found himself with a gap on Rob, unwittingly building it up to about 30 or 40 metres by the end of the first lap. Terry, meanwhile was finding the brook-crossing a tad difficult. It took 4 attempts and a final acceptance that he really was going to get his shoes wet.
On the second lap, Rob and Martin continued to increase the gap from Keith, but Rob was closing on Martin in the muddy section. Rob passed and quickly forced a lead of 20 or 30 metres on the sharp up and downhills, easing away gradually from then to the finish.
Posn Name Time
114 Rob Mothersole (M40) 42:57
121 Martin Lloyd (M40) 43:29
143 Keith Dunning 45:27
149 Terry Bridger (M50) 46:34

Sat 13 January 2001

Surrey League Fixture 3
Croydon Airport

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  Full Results

Our own hosted fixture in the cold wind of Purley Way. Ah yes they knew where to build airports in those days.
Andy occupied his usual 3rd position although a little distant from the 2 Walton runners in front.
A welcome return to racing for Paul Stevens, getting back to form.
Further down there was a good tussle between Rob and Martin, who was surprised to finish so highly after only occasional training in the last 6 weeks due to a calf injury.
Could there be a return to form for Chris, only a smidgeon behind brother Paul, and Tim?
Posn Name Time
3 Andy Flett 28:44
7 Paul Stevens 30:22
18 Keith Dunning 32:17
24 Rob Mothersole (M40) 32:59
25 Martin Lloyd (M40) 33:11
39 Bernard Johnson (M50) 34:30
51 Terry Bridger (M50) 35:42
63 Tim Anderson 37:05
64 Paul Brooke (M50) 37:09
66 Chris Brooke (M50) 37:18

Sat 6 January 2001

Surrey County Championships
Lloyd Park

XC Index  Full Results

The usual wet and muddy conditions at Lloyd Park for the 7.5 mile, 3 lap, County Champs.
Andy, despite illness in the past week managed 27th place, his highest finish in this event.
Posn Name Time
27 Andy Flett 48:41
Keith Dunning 55:45
  Rob Mothersole (M40) 56:50
  Ben Cady 1:00:09
  Chris Brooke (M50) 1:08:15

Sat 25 November 2000

London Championships
Parliament Hill

XC Index

Just the two for wet, windy and squidgy Parliament Hill. Chris was fairly pleased with his run, managing to keep up an even pace for the second lap in the heavy conditions. Martin had a slower than usual run, but finished in his highest ever position.
Posn Name Time
99 Martin Lloyd (M40) 41:34
220 Chris Brooke (M50) 51:25

Sat 18 November 2000

Surrey League Div IV Fixture 2
Reigate Priory

XC Index

The course was a changed one from previous years - one small lap followed by 3 large laps. It was allegedly 5.5 miles, but we all thought it was at least 6. It was drizzling and the course was very muddy in a couple of places in the woods, but mostly good ground. We did have a fallen tree to hurdle though. Fortunately there were no marshalling problems this time.
Andy Flett was 5th after the first small lap, but managed to move up to 3rd. Andy Pullen made a somewhat surprising appearance. Just as well - we eventually needed him for the 10.
Keith went off quickly trying to chase him and Martin was trying to hang on to Roger. who pulled up towards the end of the first large lap, with a calf injury that he'd been nursing this week.
Ben and Bernard had been running together until the last lap when Ben pulled away and passed quite a few. Terry and Paul had also been together until Terry pulled away on the last lap.
Collingwood were 2nd with 359 points behind Walton. Only 3 clubs fielded full teams.

Points Table
Posn Name Time
3 Andy Flett 38:40
9 Andy Pullen 41:26
13 Keith Dunning 41:54
17 Martin Lloyd (M40) 43:01
34 Ben Cady 45:16
40 Bernard Johnson (M50) 45:51
55 Terry Bridger (M50) 48:30
56 Paul Brooke (M50) 49:14
68 Tim Anderson (M40) 50:38
74 Chris Brooke (M50) 52:38

Sat 11 November 2000

South of Thames Junior XC
Lloyd Park

XC Index

Rain, strong winds, massive puddles, oodles of mud - ah yes it must be cross-country. The usual course at Lloyd Park, Croydon and the usual sort of conditions for the Junior South of Thames race. A tough initiation for new boy Ben in his first full cross-country for Collingwood.
Our team of 4 scorers came home 11th of 25, a creditable position considering the absence of Andy and Roger.
Posn Name Time
34 Keith Dunning 34:25
39 Martin Lloyd (M40) 34:44
57 Rob Mothersole (M40) 35:52
80 Ben Cady 37:25
121 Chris Brooke (M50) 43:32

Sat 14 Oct 2000

Surrey League Div IV - Race 1 - Tilford

Race declared null and void.

The team had a good turn out of 13 for the first league race of the season, so things were looking promising, but all was downhill from there.
There was a problem with a missing marshal at a vital point, meaning that some runners did one small lap and then went on to do the first of 2 large laps, but others carried on and did a further small lap (or some even started a third).
Andy Flett for example, was faced with the dilemma of turning onto the large lap that he knew we all should be doing, or following the leaders. Other runners found themselves faced with those in front of them dividing equally between the correct and the incorrect route.
There was a suggestion of rescheduling the race, but pressure of fixtures makes this difficult, so the league will now be decided over the 3 remaining races.

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