Road Results 2012


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Sun 23 Dec 2012

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
7 Dave Ross M40 02:59:33 02:59:32  
661 Dave Freeborn SM 04:40:10 04:39:42  
893 Rob Wilson M75 06:30:19 06:30:04  

Sun 23 Dec 2012

Ramp Challenge

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Andy reports: "I completed a 10k run in 0:52:17.9 on Sunday in Hong Kong. Its a personal worst over that distance but with a total climb of around 500m its pointless comparing it to others.

I took 32:50 to get to the top of Mount Parker at half way but needed only 19:28 to get back downhill. I picked up a prize for finishing 5th in my age group (I’m considered a veteran over here being over 30!)"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Andy Randall SM 00:52:17    

Sun 16 Dec 2012

Horton 10k

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Well done to Robert - overall winner of the series; and to Roger - 3rd M40, Keith - 2nd M45, Martin - 2nd M50, Elaine - 3rd L40, Jane -2nd L45, Ruth - 3rd L45, Annette - 3rd L50, and Trish - 1st L65.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
3 Robert Knight SM 00:35:45    
8 Roger Bryant M40 00:37:58    
12 Gordon Hennessy M50 00:38:49    
23 Martin Lloyd M50 00:40:24    
27 Tony Trundley M40 00:40:37    
29 Richard Fox M45 00:41:40    
37 Steve Cooney M40 00:42:44    
50 Keith Dunning M45 00:44:10    
51 Bill Walsh M50 00:44:13    
62 Gary Thompson M40 00:45:43    
70 Jane Gibbs L45 00:46:35    
79 Richard Tanner M45 00:48:10    
89 Elaine Reid L40 00:50:10    
99 Annette Helliwell L50 00:51:27    
100 Ruth Cottam L45 00:51:36    
108 Rachel Tanner L40 00:53:39    
121 Cat Gaskell SL 00:55:57    
124 Alison Fox L45 00:56:30    
126 Paul Cooper SM 00:57:14    
137 Ruby Fearon SL 00:58:45   PB
141 Jim Knight M55 00:59:12    
143 Trish Coombs L65 00:59:29    
148 Rupert Quested M65 01:01:09    
166 Maggie Swinnerton L55 01:07:38    
183 Rosemary Egbe L45 01:16:02    
184 Kate Knight L50 01:20:56    

Thur 6 Dec 2012

Recurring Handicap

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Sun 2 Dec 2012

Macau Marathon

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Andy reports: "A bit late but here’s a race report from earlier this month. I’m not sure that a DNF warrants a race report but here’s one anyway. Sorry for war and peace and moaning but I was not happy and am still not.

On Sunday 2nd December I ran (some of anyway) the Macau International Marathon. I entered with good memories of the race from 2006 although they had moved the start time from an early 7am to an obscene 5am! Macau, being just an hour’s ferry journey away from Hong Kong and because the race started at 5am I thought it was not worth getting a hotel but to travel in the early hours straight to the start. That proved to be a mistake. Still jet-lagged (I arrived in Hong Kong just 36 hours before the race start) I managed only 1 hour of sleep before I needed to wake at midnight. I arrived early at the start and had more than 2 hours to kill in the rain.

5am came around (feeling like 9pm UK time to me) and just before the start the rain really started to fall. Despite it being a mild 15 degrees it felt cold in the dark waiting there to start. When the race started we exited the stadium and turned left as a large pack of nearly 3000. Quite soon I nearly tripped over a traffic cone in the middle of the road before needing to take to the pavement to avoid parked cars. I didn’t twig anything was wrong though until I passed the 1km marker after around 13 minutes with my watch showing nearly 3km. The start was not that slow so I was a little concerned. The following km markers all were just under 2km out from where I was expecting them and after the race I found out why. On leaving the stadium the lead motorcycles and car were parked to the right waiting for the elite athletes. They did not expect them to turn left and make up/leave the course after only 100m! 99% of the runners behind followed this group of elite runners if not elite navigators. I was left confused reading race reports about how far extra everyone did with figures from 1.7km to 4km extra being quoted. I believe now that my route (and the vast majority of runners) did an extra 1.7km whilst the elite proved harder to get back on course and did an extra 3-4km and had to pass a large part of the pack to regain the lead.

When we were on the correct course it was quite miserable in general; dark and wet with some of the least interested marshals I have ever seen (I do have some sympathy – 5am start in the rain) I struggled to find any rhythm although the course was mostly flat apart from the rise over the long bridge. My times over each km seemed to vary greatly which had me doubting what my GPS was telling me and the km markers were not helping my very tired brain.

The course was supposed to be traffic free but several cars didn’t much like their wait so joined us runners in our dedicated lane or simply blasted their horns to express their displeasure as though that would somehow make us run faster or go away.

At around 10 miles things got worse. I started getting stomach cramps and struggled around another 2 miles of mostly walking before I finally found a toilet en route. I needed to queue for 10 minutes for these facilities that were disappointing to say the least. The fact that the organisers thought that these didn’t need lighting despite the majority of the run being before sunrise was an oversight. I eventually got back to running with my morale at rock bottom and when I reached “half way” at over 14 miles with over 2 hours on the clock I couldn’t find any reason to complete the second lap so snuck back to the stadium with the half marathon runners. They didn’t even give me a half marathon time which didn’t bother me in the slightest.

There’s very little good I can say about this race this year. The race director’s post race comment “All the athletes should know the course” only fuelled the outrage that I’ve read online. He also blamed the weather and early start as well as admitting “the signalmen didn’t do a perfect job”.

15 minutes after the start of the marathon and half marathon was the start of the mini-marathon; a 4km race. Somehow they managed to make the majority of runners do an extra km despite the error being in a different part of the course – maybe they didn’t want to appear fair to all entrants!

Allegedly the marathon organisers were also withholding prizes for some of the top 10 finishers for not completing within the allotted time limit of 2:25. Only 4 managed it within this time - not bad for around 28 miles. I’m not sure if they have resolved this yet but I can’t imagine that those runners affected flew back to Kenya and Ethiopia without protest.

On the plus side they did give out a nice towel to finishers at the end, I can’t think of anything else good though. It does make me laugh though when I think of the lead cars waiting for the athletes only to see them in the rear view mirror running the other way and wondering how to get them back!"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
DNF Andy Randall SM -    

Sun 2 Dec 2012

Las Vegas Half

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
29447 Thomas Wilkie M60 02:51:36    

Sun 18 Nov 2012

Beddington Park 10k

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4 Ercole Lugari SM 00:39:12    
7 Shaun Cooney SM 00:41:38    
12 Rachel Tanner L45 00:51:53    
51 Richard Ryan SM 00:53:59    
60 Doug White M65 00:56:22    
66 Rupert Quested M65 00:59:27    
79 Rob Wilson M75 01:05:54    
41 Harriet Archer L40 01:14:19    

Sun 18 Nov 2012

Gosport Half

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1477 Karen Chart L35 02:25:48 02:23:19  
1528 Nicola Tarrant SL 02:36:18 02:33:49  
1564 Rosemary Egbe L45 02:57:58 02:55:29  

Sun 18 Nov 2012

Epsom 10

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Well done to Rob on a PB by 1:36.

Alison reports: "Only four of us from Collingwood ran the Epsom 10 today, Rob Knight (who came 5th after wondering whether to just go at marathon pace!), Mike Mason (whom I didn't spot), Marc Wood (we said hello when I literally turned round at the start and bumped into) and me.

Not our usual big turnout as the running club organising the race (Epsom & Ewell Harriers) had imposed a rather unfair, restrictive two hour cut-off.

As we'd paid before learning about the restriction we ended up running it, but I'll be giving it a swerve next year if they do the same again. No chip timing either! There were definitely fewer runners - parking is usually chocca - not today!

Anyway, the weather was perfect - cold but sunny and just a slight breeze up at Epsom."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
5 Robert Knight SM 00:58:19   PB
75 Mike Mason SM 01:09:44    
247 Marc Wood M40 01:32:11    
265 Alison Fox L45 01:37:12    

Sun 18 Nov 2012

Old Deer Park 10k

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
362 Jenny Sinfield L35 00:53:10 00:52:43  

Sun 11 Nov 2012

Stebbing 10

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
407 Rosemary Egbe L45 02:14:25    

Sun 11 Nov 2012

Leatherhead Fire Station 10k

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Andy reports: "I ran the Leatherhead Fire Station Charity 10k on Sunday in lovely conditions. That didn't make the hills any easier which were tough for the first half before a steep downhill section before levelling out.

I finished in 55th place in 42:43 (gun) 42:38 (chip) but I was never going to manage a PB on those hills. I would recommend the event to others especially for the lovely cakes at the end."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
55 Andy Randall SM 00:42:43 00:42:38  

Sat 11 Nov 2012

Enigma Marathon

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2 Dave Ross M40 03:08:40    

Sun 11 Nov 2012

Poppy Half

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Alison reports: "Richard and Rachel Tanner and Richard and I ran the Poppy Half Marathon at Bexhill-on-Sea in Sussex today. It was a lovely, sunny day and this was a nice flat course - albeit a bit of a deja-vu experience with four laps of just over 5km! Richard had a nasty chesty cold and ran better than he expected to and Rachel bagged herself a personal best!"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
39 Richard Fox M45 01:31:07 01:30:56  
304 Richard Tanner M45 01:58:31 01:58:06  
332 Rachel Tanner L45 02:00:47 02:00:21 PB
364 Alison Fox L45 02:03:54 02:03:28  

Sat 10 Nov 2012

Enigma Marathon

Road Results Index

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2 Dave Ross M40 03:03:03    

Sun 4 Nov 2012

Nonsuch Park 10k

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Well done to Nicola on a PB, Mary on a PB by 19s, and to Robert on his debut win outside of parkrun. Robert also leads the series overall after 2 races.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1 Robert Knight SM 00:36:42    
18 Roger Bryant M40 00:40:43    
19 Keith Dunning M45 00:40:53    
20 Martin Lloyd M50 00:41:02    
22 Mary James L35 00:41:21   PB
28 Richard Fox M45 00:43:06    
31 Shaun Cooney SM 00:43:19    
33 Steve Cooney M40 00:43:35    
44 Jason Smith M40 00:46:12    
46 Jane Gibbs L45 00:46:38    
48 Gary Thompson M40 00:47:15    
54 Bill Walsh M50 00:48:41    
61 Elaine Reid L40 00:50:23    
72 Annette Helliwell L50 00:52:03    
75 Ruth Cottam L45 00:52:44    
87 Cat Gaskell SL 00:56:59    
89 Melvin Trundley M65 00:57:02    
92 Paul Cooper SM 00:57:30    
94 Prisca Abalo L40 00:57:46    
97 Alison Fox L45 00:58:45    
99 Ruby Fearon SL 00:59:24    
106 Rupert Quested M65 01:02:24    
109 Trish Coombs L65 01:04:35    
113 Karen Chart L35 01:07:37    
114 Nicola Tarrant SL 01:08:32   PB
119 Ria Trundley L65 01:13:16    
120 Kate Knight L50 01:18:57    

Mon 29 Oct 2012

Dublin Marathon

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Kate reports: "Very pleased to have done this marathon for the 2nd time, and this was a PB for this course by 53 minutes from last year's time, which was 6.58. I had more stamina, and managed to keep going for longer, which helped, and definitely think that the extra training has helped. This was marathon no. 25 for me, and my 3rd marathon inside a month."

Dave reports: "Dublin was my 40th marathon and great fun. One of the few that I have done for the second time. The crowd were
really friendly and the support for the last few miles was very encouraging. Nice technical t-shirt and medal which the magpie in me really likes."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1482 Richard Fox M45 03:22:36 03:21:44  
7246 Dave Freeborn SM 04:15:36 04:13:41  
11655 Kate Knight L50 06:08:13 06:05:42 CB

Sun 28 Oct 2012

Oxshott 10k

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Well done to Robert, Gary and Ruby on PBs.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4 Robert Knight SM 00:35:50   PB
13 Roger Bryant M40 00:38:25    
26 Tony Trundley M45 00:40:13    
28 Martin Lloyd M50 00:40:19    
30 Keith Dunning M45 00:40:23    
45 Steve Cooney M40 00:42:46    
72 Gary Thompson M40 00:46:18   PB
87 Elaine Reid L40 00:48:53    
100 Cat Gaskell SL 00:50:09    
101 Marc Wood M40 00:50:10    
102 Jerry Sinfield JM 00:50:14    
110 Annette Helliwell L50 00:51:12    
117 Ruth Cottam L45 00:52:38    
120 Prisca Abalo L40 00:53:30    
131 Melvin Trundley M65 00:55:04    
141 Paul Cooper SM 00:57:32    
152 Ruby Fearon SL 00:59:14   PB
159 Trish Coombs L65 01:01:13    
160 Douglas Josham SM 01:01:28    
168 Ria Trundley L65 01:08:48    

Sun 28 Oct 2012

Great South Run

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Well done to Rosemary on a PB by 8:13 over the Sittingbourne 10.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
13845 Michele Qualtrough L55 01:51:55    
14085 Sharon Keefe L55 01:53:05    
15833 Rosemary Egbe L45 02:05:46   PB

Fri 26 Oct 2012

Woolwich Foot Tunnel Marathon

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
33 Allan Rumbles M40 04:24:48    

Thur 25 Oct 2012

Halloween Half

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Karen reports: "On Thursday 25th October I lined up with Zombies, Witches, Ghosts and Devils to take part in the Halloween Howler, organised by the Stroke Association. It was great fun running around the paths of Battersea Park after dark. The atmosphere was good with most people dressing up for the occasion. I achieved a time of 30:52."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Karen Weighall L40 00:30:52    

Sun 21 Oct 2012

Cabbage Patch 10

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Marc reports: "I ran the Cabbage Patch 10 yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it although I went out too quickly again and really suffered again in the last 2-3 miles as I did at the Badger Half.

My time recorded on my Garmin was 1:27.59 which I'm relatively pleased with. The clock time was 1:29.04, my position was 1066."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1066 Marc Wood M40 01:29:04    

Sun 21 Oct 2012

Croydon 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results

31 Collingwood runners!

Well done to Mary - 3rd lady and 1st L35; Roger - 2nd M40; Martin - 3rd M50; Emily - 2nd junior lady; Elaine - 3rd L40; Trish 2nd L65.

Also, well done to Mary, Gary, Cat, Elaine and Rosemary on PBs.

Any queries on chip times? Any other claims for PBs or CBs?

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
8 Robert KNIGHT SM 00:36:40 00:36:38    
20 Roger BRYANT M40 00:38:41 00:38:38    
36 Martin LLOYD M50 00:40:25 00:40:23    
44 Ercole LUGARI SM 00:41:01 00:40:50   B
45 Richard FOX M45 00:41:06 00:41:03    
49 Bill WALSH M50 00:41:15 00:41:11    
55 Mary JAMES L35 00:41:50 00:41:40 PB  
88 Alex MAGEE SM 00:43:25 00:43:13    
90 David CONDON SM 00:43:40 00:43:33    
153 Gary THOMPSON M40 00:47:07 00:46:51 PB  
202 Elaine REID L40 00:49:14 00:48:59 PB  
205 Richard TANNER M45 00:49:15 00:48:34    
209 Cat GASKELL SL 00:49:21 00:49:06 PB  
267 Annette HELLIWELL L50 00:52:26 00:51:53    
288 Prisca ABALO L40 00:54:00 00:53:45    
340 Alison FOX L45 00:56:51 00:56:11    
341 Rachel TANNER L40 00:56:51 00:56:10    
361 Paul COOPER SM 00:58:14 00:57:34    
385 Janet NASH L50 00:59:35 00:58:53    
398 Emily TANNER JL 01:00:49 01:00:07    
404 Ruby FEARON SL 01:01:12 01:00:33    
408 Rupert QUESTED M65 01:01:29 01:00:47    
416 Jim KNIGHT M55 01:01:44 01:00:44    
419 Trish COOMBS L65 01:01:53 01:01:11    
446 Ben NASH SM 01:03:56 01:03:14    
455 Douglas JOSHAM SM 01:05:16 01:04:16 CB  
496 Karen CHART L35 01:10:37 01:09:38    
498 Nicola TARRANT SL 01:11:17 01:10:18    
511 Kate KNIGHT L50 01:14:47 01:13:48 CB  
513 Rosemary EGBE L40 01:16:44 01:15:58 PB  
527 Alison SYMONDS-TAYLER L50 01:29:07 01:28:06    

Sun 14 Oct 2012

Liverpool Marathon

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Well done to Rob - 3rd M75 - and Annette on a PB.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
1460 Ruth Cottam L45 04:14:43 04:12:30    
1762 Annette Helliwell L50 04:25:06 04:22:52 PB B
3116 Rob Wilson M75 06:00:54 05:58:19    
3198 Kate Knight L50 06:31:01 06:26:03    

Sun 14 Oct 2012

Maidstone Half

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Rob reports: "The course itself is quite fast overall - first half is gently uphill, second half has plenty of downhill through the villages and farms around the town."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
9 Robert Knight SM 01:19:53 01:19:50 PB

Sun 7 Oct 2012

Sittingbourne 10

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
167 Rosemary Egbe L45 02:13:59    

Sun 7 Oct 2012

Isle Of Wight Marathon

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Martin reports: "I'd recommend that anyone planning on this one next year would probably do well to consider a bit of training in advance... I did the Barns Green 1/2 last Sunday & was out most days during the week so little wonder that the legs felt a tad shagged after barely 10 miles today.

I slept in - forgot to set the alarm -had 70 mins to get to Southsea from A3 at Tolworth - more or less ran out of time when I found the poxy hover port - darted out of the car - didn't bother with parking machine - was the last one on the craft at 9.29 & 20 seconds! Hardly ideal pre-event preparation... got to the island - realised I'd no money - just a cashcard - felt like a complete d**k at the registration - I was squirming in my shoes as I awkwardly requested if I could 'pay after the run'... enter the scratching of the heads from the two women at the desk - I could see their minds wondering..'Who is this a**e & is he for real'... I didn't know where to look but it was clear from my blushing face that I felt so so stupid but I just sensed that they had some pity for me.. and they did - I am going to send them a cheque during the week.

Agreed, bloody hilly... the first few miles were ugly - climbing up residential roads & trying to avoid getting knocked down by often impatient hard-faced drivers - yes there is definately a chavish underbelly to chunks of that place - after about 5 miles & becoming sick of sniffing the exhaust pipes of green double decker buses on a main-ish road some respite was provided in the form of country lanes - only for the loop to return to the rotten busy hilly road after 2 miles... with that out of the way the journey lightened up in places - most of the first fifteen miles was spent trekking up numerous hills with a few short declines offering little compensation but the course levelled out after - though I felt so shattered that going down hill by that stage felt painful... I'd have been happy with inside 4 but in the end 4.16 is what I got. Lovely people organising the event & the locals in some parts were pleasant also but not sure I'd compare it to Abingdon - but it filled the day & I refuelled in Cheam this evening with mummy & Heidi at the American burger bar - a fat burger, chips & a couple of milkshakes seemed to keep the body ticking over."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
62 Martin Farrelly SM 04:17:47    

Wed 3 Oct 2012

Arethusa Mile

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Well done to Josh on a CB, and Cat on a PB by 7s.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
3 Neil Reissland M45 00:05:04    
10 Cat Gaskell SL 00:06:36   PB
13 Douglas Josham SM 00:07:34   CB

Sun 30 Sep 2012

Loch Ness Marathon

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Congratulations to Mel on her 200th marathon.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
23 Dave Ross M40 02:54:47 02:54:45  
1501 Melanie Ross L35 04:26:35 04:24:27  
2510 Kate Knight L50 06:15:57 06:11:26 CB

Sun 30 Sep 2012

Berlin Marathon

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Well done to Jude on a PB.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
7275 Jude Wheeler SL 05:46:11 05:25:20 PB

Sun 30 Sep 2012

Barns Green Half

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
91 Ercole Lugari SM 01:31:28 01:31:09  
500 Martin Farrelly SM 01:49:13    
1319 Rosemary Egbe L45 03:00:00 02:58:30  

Sun 23 Sep 2012

Tonbridge Half

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Alison reports: "Just to let you know that Richard and Rachel Tanner and I ran the Tonbridge Half today. It was undulating and we all got a bit wet, but it was a lovely, scenic course - I'd recommend it."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
502 Richard Tanner M45 01:56:46 01:55:26  
633 Rachel Tanner L40 02:05:15 02:03:55  
706 Alison Fox L45 02:12:34 02:11:14  

Sun 23 Sep 2012

New Forest Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Robert on a 3rd place and great time in his debut marathon; Dave - 2nd M40; and Bill - 2nd M50. This was Mel's 199th marathon so number 200 coming up next week at Loch Ness.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
3 Robert Knight SM 02:52:42 02:52:38  
10 Dave Ross M40 03:02:57 03:02:54  
80 Bill Walsh M50 03:30:02 03:29:53  
324 Ruth Cottam L45 04:10:24 04:10:08  
325 Steve Cooney M40 04:10:24 04:10:07  
450 Melanie Ross L35 04:36:38 04:36:08  
552 Trish Coombs L65 05:21:05 05:20:18  

Sun 23 Sep 2012

New Forest Half

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1568 Kate Knight L50 02:46:39   CB

Sun 16 Sep 2012

Farnham Pilgrim Marathon

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Well done to Dave - 2nd overall, and 1st male and M40

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2 Dave Ross M40 03:12:31 03:12:31  
241 Melanie Ross L35 05:22:39 05:22:06  

Sun 16 Sep 2012

Maidenhead Half

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1153 Richard Tanner M45 02:00:07 01:57:16  
1543 Rachel Tanner L40 02:14:07 02:11:16  

Sun 16 Sep 2012

Great North Run

Road Results Index  Full Results


Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
23733 Paul Cooper SM 02:14:36    
31195 Karen Chart L35 02:30:11    

Sat 15 Sep 2012

Surrey County Road Relay

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB

Dave Condon
Steve Cooney
Keith Dunning
Mike Mason
Ercole Lugari
Robert Knight






Martin Lloyd
Richard Fox
Roger Bryant
Neil Reissland



Jim Knight
Gary Thompson
Andy Alsleben
Richard Tanner



Prisca Abalo
Kate Knight
Rachel Tanner
Alison Fox



Tue 11 Sep 2012

Arethusa Magic Mile - Bushy Park

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Meanwhile Cat and Josh were doing their own magic mile at Danny Norman's Arethusa time trial in Bushy Park.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Cat Gaskell SL 00:06:43    
  Douglas Josham SM 00:07:35    

Tue 11 Sep 2012

Collingwood Magic Mile - Beddington Park

Road Results Index

Collingwood's own contribution to the Marathon Talk Magic Mile Challenge - on our own 1 mile loop in Beddington Park from the flat bridge to the doggie bin.

If there's interest we could do a regular 1 mile time trial?

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1 Keith Dunning M45 00:05:37    
2 Shaun Cooney SM 00:05:50    
3 Alex Magee SM 00:06:03    
4 Mark Winsbury   00:06:04    
5 Jason Smith M40 00:06:08    
6 Gary Thompson M40 00:06:09    
7 Adam Jarosz M45 00:06:10    
8 Dave Freeborn SM 00:06:11    
9 Ruth Cottam L45 00:07:22    
10 Jerry Sinfield JM 00:07:44    
11 Daniel Laskey-Heard SM 00:07:56    
12 Tom Curtis JM 00:08:02    
13 Alison Fox L45 00:08:05    
14 Jude Wheeler SL 00:08:05    
15 Sandhya Drew L40 00:08:16    
16 Karen Chart L35 00:08:56    
17 Janet Nash L50 00:09:31    

Sun 9 Sep 2012

Tallinn Marathon/Half

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Rupert reports: "Rob Wilson and I ran the Tallinn Marathon, in Estonia, today, and Jean ran the Half, her first ever Half Marathon.

Tallinn is a very attractive small city to spend a few days in (as Jean and I did) and we immersed ourselves in Estonian history, which has given us at least some understanding of what a tragic and sobering past 100 years this small country has endured. The finish of the races is in Freedom Square, in the shadow of the towering monument commemorating the War of Estonian Independence 1918-20.

The marathon weekend is clearly one of the big events in the city’s calendar. There were children’s races all Saturday afternoon in Freedom Square, and on Sunday the Marathon takes place (with over 1600 finishers), half Marathon (over 1900), 10K (over 7300) and 10K Nordic Walking (over 5800). The starts are staggered so that the finishes overlap very substantially. It also meant that Jean and Rob were running close together and overtook each other 2 or 3 times. The downside was that they were swamped by the 10K runners and walkers, particularly on some of the narrower parts of the course. I finished ahead of the 10K runners, but started my second lap just ahead of the start of the Half Marathon so was a little buffeted by the rush from the start line of the Half. I think Jean and Rob were agreed however that the problems they faced were the one black mark on the day.

The weather was unbroken sunshine all day, but cool with a strong wind off the sea, particularly early in the day. The Marathon course is two laps, almost entirely flat, as much of it is along the sea front. There is something of a climb over the last 3 or 4K of each lap as the course (with some cobbled stretches at this point) winds through the picturesque Old Town. It does, however, have the potential to be a fast course. There were plentiful drinks stations offering water and sports drinks, plus pieces of banana, rye bread, sugar lumps and raisins. There were not however many spectators on the course, except within Tallinn itself.

My general plan was to try to maintain 7 minute kilometres for as long as possible. I maintained this pace for the first few miles, but then started to gain time, until at one point I was about 9 minutes ahead of schedule. I knew I would be slower through the town second time around, but decided that a PB was possible, so pushed on and in the end I was very pleased to beat my Dublin Marathon time by over 6 minutes.

Rob finished in just 1 second over 6 hours, but towards the end was hampered by the 10K runners and walkers, and would otherwise have been comfortably inside 6 hours.

Jean was pleased that she was able to maintain a fairly steady pace throughout the Half, again apart from when she was caught up in the 10K competitors.

There are no chip timings for the start (at least not yet) but I crossed the line in about 40 seconds from the gun, and Rob would have been not far behind."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1420 Rupert Quested M65 04:52:10   PB
1563 Rob Wilson M75 06:00:01    
1902 Jean Quested L60 03:29:24    

Sun 2 Sep 2012

Kent Coastal Marathon

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Andy reports: "Mel, Dave and myself ran the Kent Coastal Marathon yesterday. I found it deceptively hot and am now quite sunburnt. I managed 3.28.17 - around 3 minutes better than last year. Dave had a great run finishing 4th in just over 3 hours and Mel finished in 4.47.52."

Well done to Dave - 1st M40.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4 Dave Ross M40 03:01:34    
33 Andy Randall SM 03:28:17    
201 Melanie Ross L35 04:47:52    

Fri 24 Aug 2012

Serpentine Last Friday Of The Month 5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
137 Sandhya Drew L45 00:27:52    

Mon 6 Aug 2012

Self Transcendence 3 x 1 Mile Relay

Road Results Index

Annette got together with her makeshift team again.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
35 Helainette        
  Annette Helliwell
Elaine Battson
Helen Smith



Sun 22 Jul 2012

Elmbridge 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results


Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
50 Robert Knight SM 00:37:16    
70 Roger Bryant M40 00:38:36    
98 Richard Fox M45 00:39:39    
112 Martin Lloyd M50 00:40:17    
149 Simon Donaghy M45 00:41:44    
211 Jason Smith M40 00:43:54    
229 Mary James L35 00:44:26    
297 Nicola Stevenson SL 00:47:36    
307 Gary Thompson M40 00:47:45    
364 Richard Tanner M45 00:49:50    
376 Elaine Reid L40 00:50:15    
400 Ruth Cottam L45 00:51:12    
403 Annette Helliwell L50 00:51:22    
412 Prisca Abalo L35 00:51:49    
445 Marc Wood M40 00:53:35    
465 Cat Gaskell SL 00:54:47    
471 Paul Cooper SM 00:55:08    
503 Lorraine Thomas L40 00:56:54    
515 Alison Fox L45 00:57:50    
523 Melvin Trundley M65 00:58:28    
547 Trish Coombs L65 01:00:29    
569 Sandhya Drew L40 01:04:04    
587 Jim Knight M55 01:08:13    
603 Ria Trundley L65 01:13:57    
606 Rosemary Egbe L45 01:19:34    
607 Kate Knight L50 01:21:11    

Sat 14 Jul 2012

Elmore 7

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Trish - 1st L65.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
15 Robert Knight SM 00:41:11    
30 Roger Bryant M40 00:43:34    
41 Martin Lloyd M50 00:45:00    
44 Richard Fox M45 00:45:27    
71 Keith Dunning M45 00:47:48    
91 Andy Randall SM 00:49:50    
104 Bob Chart M45 00:51:58    
140 Cat Gaskell SL 00:55:39    
146 Elaine Reid L40 00:56:33    
183 Marc Wood M40 01:01:32    
187 Prisca Abalo L35 01:01:50    
196 Paul Cooper SM 01:03:34    
203 Lorraine Thomas L40 01:04:30    
212 Alison Fox L45 01:06:09    
216 Trish Coombs L65 01:08:21    
220 Sandhya Drew L45 01:10:18    
237 Karen Weighall L45 01:16:40    
242 Karen Chart L35 01:18:17    
244 Melvin Trundley M60 01:18:38    
245 Ria Trundley L65 01:18:42    
246 Nicola Tarrant SL 01:20:02    
254 Rosemary Egbe L45 01:28:03    
256 Kate Knight L50 01:31:13    
257 Alison Symonds-Tayler L50 01:35:59    

Thur 12 Jul 2012

Standard Chartered City Race 3.5

Road Results Index

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Sandhya Drew L40 00:28:47    

Thur 12 Jul 2012

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5

Road Results Index

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Gary Thompson M40 00:26:30    

Wed 11 Jul 2012

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5

Road Results Index

Gary reports: "I completed the annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge on Wednesday July 11th and Thursday 12th July in Battersea Park, London. Running alongside 13,000 competitors from over 300 different companies on each night. Certified 5.6k course, however my Garmin recorded 5.76k for both nights."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Gary Thompson M40 00:25:35    

Mon 9 Jul 2012

Self Transcendence 2

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Annette was 3rd L50.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
24 Jason Smith M40 00:12:54    
55 Annette Helliwell L50 00:14:46    

Wed 4 Jul 2012

Reigate Priory Summer Evening 10k

Road Results Index

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Kate Knight L50 01:21:03   CB

Wed 4 Jul 2012

Nonsuch Park Relay - 4 x 1.87 Miles/3k

Road Results Index  Full Results  Photos

Well done all. A magnificent turn-out of 11 teams, by far the largest club representation on the night. 69 teams ran. Team Carrot was 1st M40 team and broke the previous course record of 43:18 set by Sutton Runners in 2007.

Oliver reports: Va Va Voom from Vintage Vets

Team Carrot roared to a new vets record at the Nonsuch Relays last night in a ruthless 42 minutes, 37 seconds. Richard Fox, Neil Reissland, Roger Bryant and Martin Lloyd made up the men that marched to a new record mark by a mouth watering 41 seconds. The team tamed the testing track to tear apart the time set by Sutton Runners in 2007.

“A brilliant result,” confessed 47 year old Reissland, “taking a record held for five years by Sutton Runners. Based on the very fast teams from 2011, I didn't really think we had a chance, but it became a maybe as we toed the line.”

Fantastic Richard Fox was faultless in the first, firing home a formidable 10:48 for the fundamental first leg. Reissland was next, looking razor-sharp for his second leg romp, rousing to a rampant 10 minute rampage, reaching out for the mercurial Martin Lloyd who was ready to roar. Lloyd then laboured in the third, lambasting his way to a lavish 11:19 to leave the record with the loyal legs of boisterous Roger Bryant. At his bruising best, Bryant went berserk, bombarding his way back in a blistering 10:29 to book a place in the history books for the commanding Collingwood AC.

“We are being noticed,” rose a resolute Reissland, who ran a robust race for the veteran radicals. “We have the largest turn out at every event now and we are on the brink of being checked out by faster runners. If that happens, we'll have everything covered.”

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Team Carrot - M40        
4 Richard Fox
Neil Reissland
Martin Lloyd
Roger Bryant


  Team Beetroot - SM        
10 Oliver Collis
Andy Randall
Bill Walsh
Robert Knight


  Team Courgette - M40        
21 Bob Chart
Jason Smith
Steve Cooney
Simon Donaghy


  Team Parsnip - MX        
41 Alison Fox
Ruth Cottam
Andy Stalley
Keith Dunning


  Team Broccoli - SL        
43 Elaine Reid
Cat Gaskell
Annette Helliwell
Mary James


  Team Onion - M40        
45 Gary Thompson
Nigel Pointer
Nigel Wood
Andrew Griffin


  Team Swede - MX        
61 Paul Cooper
Thomas Wilkie
Chris Brooke
Gill Stalley


  Team Bean - SM        
63 Alex Stalley
Stuart Stalley
Nathan Thompson
Ben Thompson


  Team Lettuce - MX        
64 Paul Booth
Rupert Quested
Karen Chart
Prisca Abalo


  Team Cauliflower - MX        
65 Ben Nash
Jim Knight
Trish Coombs
Ria Trundley


  Team Spinach - SL        
69 Maggie Swinnerton
Karen Patching
Nicola Tarrant
Alison Symonds-Tayler



Mon 2 Jul 2012

Self Transcendence 5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done on the PBs all round, Jason by 1:39, Cat by by 27s, and Sandhya by 13s. And well done to Cat on achieving a Bronze standard.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
44 Jason Smith M40 00:20:52   PB S
73 Cat Gaskell SL 00:22:46   PB B
124 Sandhya Drew L40 00:27:07   PB  

Mon 25 Jun 2012

Self Transcendence 3 x 1 Mile Relay

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Tom and Annette ran in makeshift teams at this relay in Battersea Park.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
37 Three Milers        
  Chris Notton
Thomas Wilkie
Greg Neal

42 Helainette        
  Annette Helliwell
Helen Smith
Elaine Battson


Sun 24 Jun 2012

Richmond 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results  Sy Rd Lge Tables

Well done to the 4 PB-ers today: Neil by 49s; Roger by 51s; Robert by 26s; Lorraine by 1:07. Also congratulations to Trish who was 1st L65.

The men's team is now in 9th place in the Surrey Road League, and the women's in 6th. Trish is currently in 2nd place in the L55 category.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
28 Neil Reissland M45 00:35:23 00:35:22 PB E
47 Robert Knight SM 00:36:39 00:36:37 PB  
54 Roger Bryant M45 00:36:59 00:36:56 PB E
126 Martin Lloyd M50 00:40:45 00:40:41    
174 Mary James L35 00:42:32 00:42:25    
336 Elaine Reid L40 00:50:47 00:50:35    
346 Annette Helliwell L50 00:51:24 00:51:12    
377 Martin Godleman M50 00:53:15 00:53:10    
389 Marc Wood M40 00:54:36 00:54:24    
399 Lorraine Thomas L40 00:55:39 00:55:26 PB  
414 Alison Fox L45 00:57:48 00:57:35    
421 Melvin Trundley M65 00:58:15 00:58:02    
435 Trish Coombs L65 01:01:44 01:01:30    
455 Jim Knight L50 01:07:01 01:06:41    
459 Ria Trundley L60 01:07:42 01:07:28    
467 Kate Knight L50 01:25:29 01:25:08    

Wed 20 Jun 2012

Dulwich Midsummer 5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Roger and Sandhya on PBs.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
11 Roger Bryant M40 00:17:44   PB E
37 Ercole Lugari SM 00:19:15     S
51 Shaun Cooney SM 00:19:59      
55 Steve Cooney M40 00:20:09      
64 Nigel Wood M55 00:20:34      
186 Sandhya Drew L40 00:27:20   PB  

Mon 18 Jun 2012

Self Transcendence 5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Annette was 3rd L50, and Rob 1st M70.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
132 Annette Helliwell L50 00:23:45    
171 Thomas Wilkie M55 00:26:50    
190 Rob Wilson M75 00:31:26    

Sun 17 Jun 2012

Epsom 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Mike on a PB.

Mike reports: "I ran the Epsom 10k on Sunday and there were one or two other Collingwood runners there too. I was hoping to go sub 40 but ended up with 40:21 (still a PB but frustrated as I fell asleep a bit on miles 4 and 5)! Dave ran around 50 minutes I think?"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
26 Mike Mason SM 00:40:21   PB
139 Dave Freeborn SM 00:52:17    

Tour of Epsom and Ewell

Mon 11 to Fri 15 June 2012

Day 1
Horton Ctry Park
3.2 miles
Day 2
Nonsuch Park
3.7 miles
Day 3
3.7 miles
Day 4
Nonsuch Park
Time Trial 2.64 miles
Day 5
Nescot Fields
3.9 miles
Neil Reissland (M45) (3) 00:18:52 (1) (3) 00:21:29 (3-1) (3) 00:21:11 (3-1) (3) 00:14:38 (2) 00:22:00 01:38:10 (3-1)
Roger Bryant (M40) (4) 00:19:38 (1) (5) 00:22:28 (5-1) (4) 00:22:34 (4-1) (4) 00:15:45 (4) 00:23:49 01:44:14 (4-1)
Richard Fox (M45) (7) 00:19:54 (2) (8) 00:23:00 (8-2) (11) 00:23:22 (7-2) (6) 00:16:14

(7) 00:24:29

01:46:59 (8-2)
Martin Lloyd (M50) (10) 00:20:06 (1) (11) 00:23:14 (10-1) (12) 00:23:32 (9-1) (12) 00:16:45 (10) 00:25:10 01:48:47 (10-1)
Bill Walsh (M45) (14) 00:20:53 (3) (18) 00:24:19 (13-3) (14) 00:23:54 (12-3) (17) 00:17:13 (13) 00:25:51 01:52:10 (12-3)
Andy Randall (SM) (16) 00:21:05 (5) (16) 00:24:14 (14-4) (43) 00:27:57 (19-4) (20) 00:17:23    

Steve Cooney (M40)

(19) 00:21:29 (4) (21) 00:24:40 (17-4) (20) 00:25:16 (15-4) (25) 00:17:51 (20) 00:27:25 01:56:41 (17-4)
Andy Alsleben (M40) (20) 00:21:31 (5)          
Andy Stalley (M45) (26) 00:22:26 (5) (25) 00:25:02 (20-5) (23) 00:25:34 (18-5) (31) 00:18:26 (18) 00:27:12 01:58:40 (18-5)
Jason Smith (M40) (30) 00:22:41 (8) (28) 00:25:56 (23-7)   (35) 00:18:33 (27) 00:28:18  
Cat Gaskell (SL) (50) 00:24:57 (4) (53) 00:28:35 (38-3) (48) 00:29:22 (36-3) (53) 00:20:15 (44) 00:31:07 02:14:16 (36-3)
Ruth Cottam (L45) (53) 00:25:20 (9) (62) 00:29:41 (43-4) (51) 00:29:48 (40-4) (59) 00:21:11 (46) 00:31:48 02:17:21 (38-4)
Annette Helliwell (L50) (62) 00:26:11 (4) (58) 00:28:51 (44-2) (61) 00:30:41 (45-3) (63) 00:21:31 (54) 00:32:34 02:19:48 (43-3)
Elaine Reid (L40) (64) 00:26:35 (3) (69) 00:30:06 (51-2) (67) 00:32:03 (50-2) (67) 00:21:42 (56) 00:32:50 02:23:16 (46-2)
Prisca Abalo (L35) (68) 00:26:41 (6) (79) 00:31:06 (57-5) (72) 00:32:45 (51-5) (68) 00:21:45 (58) 00:33:23 02:25:40 (48-4)
Alex Helliwell (SM) (80) 00:29:22 (13) (120) 00:38:57 (80-9)   (86) 00:24:10    
Rupert Quested (M65) (83) 00:29:41 (2) (100) 00:34:08 (68-3) (80) 00:34:08 (61-2) (89) 00:24:17 (80) 00:37:01 02:39:15 (60-3)
Alison Fox (L45) (86) 00:29:53 (11) (101) 00:34:18 (69-6) (81) 00:34:14 (64-6) (88) 00:24:14 (79) 00:36:43 02:39:22 (61-6)
Thomas Wilkie (M55) (88) 00:30:18 (6)          
Trish Coombs (L65) (90) 00:30:25 (1) (102) 00:34:31 (72-1) (86) 00:35:01 (65-1) (96) 00:25:30 (84) 00:38:06 02:43:33 (63-1)
Gill Stalley (L45) (103) 00:32:54 (13) (119) 00:38:35 (85-9) (103) 00:39:12 (77-9) (110) 00:27:51 (102) 00:42:26 03:00:58 (75-9)
Ria Trundley (L60) (106) 00:34:51 (4) (124) 00:39:20 (88-4) (108) 00:40:23 (114) 00:28:33 (104) 00:43:48 03:06:55 (77-3)
Melvin Trundley (M65) (107) 00:34:54 (4) (99) 00:33:38 (81-4) (100) 00:38:34 (74-4) (97) 00:25:34 (73) 00:35:45 02:48:25 (67-4)
Kate Knight (L50) (113) 00:38:59 (10) (138) 00:44:48 (95-10) (115) 00:44:54 (122) 00:32:58    
Alison Symonds-Tayler (L50) (115) 00:43:33 (11) (139) 00:50:41 (96-11)   (123) 00:36:42 (113) 00:56:46  
Jean Quested (L60) (116) 00:45:33 (5) (140) 00:51:20 (97-5)   (124) 00:36:50 (112) 00:54:17  
Mary James (L35)   (17) 00:24:16 (18) 00:24:42 (18) 00:17:20    
Shaun Cooney (SM)   (20) 00:24:37   (22) 00:17:26    
Dave Freeborn (SM)   (35) 00:26:45   (41) 00:18:59    
Paul Cooper (SM)   (90) 00:32:12   (75) 00:22:36 (65) 00:34:07  
Lisa Bianchi (L40)   (105) 00:34:39   (87) 00:24:12    
Maria Lawrence (L45)   (123) 00:39:10        
Dominic Fox (J)   (126) 00:39:56        
Maggie Swinnerton (L55)   (134) 00:41:58   (116) 00:29:31 (107) 00:46:23  
Jim Knight (M55)     (102) 00:39:12 (108) 00:27:23 (97) 00:40:43  
Robert Knight (SM)       (4) 00:15:32    
Nicola Stevenson (SL)       (36) 00:18:39    
Ben Nash (SM)       (94) 00:25:22    

                                   (Race Posn) Time (Overall Posn-Age Group Posn)


26 Collingwood of 116 running on the first night - once again dominating the field with more runners than any other club.
32 Collingwood of 140 on the second night.
A mere 22 completed on Wednesday night. There seem to be a few missing from the overall official results. 115 completed in total.
A massive 34 of 124 on Thursday night = 27% of the field. Andy Stalley lost about 46s doing a good samaritan bit with a runner who had twisted an ankle.
24 running on Friday, and 18 completed the week, with 11 of those in top 3 age group positions.

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Dorking 10

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Andy on a PB by 2:35, Ruth by 2:40, and Cat by 3:02. And a CB for Kate.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
34 Robert Knight SM 01:01:04 01:01:02    
45 Roger Bryant M40 01:02:22 01:02:16   E
90 Martin Lloyd M50 01:07:04 01:06:57    
96 Andy Randall SM 01:07:26 01:07:13 PB  
102 Richard Fox M45 01:07:57 01:07:44    
108 Mike Mason SM 01:08:18 01:08:10    
110 Simon Donaghy M40 01:08:22 01:07:20    
145 Steve Cooney M40 01:11:25 01:11:14    
210 Adam Brown SM 01:17:11 01:17:05    
217 Bob Chart M40 01:17:39 01:17:22    
275 Nicola Stevenson SL 01:21:28 01:20:52    
292 Cat Gaskell SL 01:22:27 01:21:51 PB B
313 Richard Tanner M40 01:23:38 01:23:23    
326 Ruth Cottam L45 01:24:49 01:24:37 PB  
360 Annette Helliwell L50 01:27:47 01:27:34    
367 Prisca Abalo L35 01:28:28 01:28:12    
377 Rachel Tanner L40 01:29:41      
422 Thomas Wilkie M55 01:34:37 01:34:23    
461 Trish Coombs L65 01:41:43 01:41:28    
489 Karen Weighall L40 01:48:57 01:48:04    
500 Karen Chart L35 01:56:15 01:55:27    
501 Rob Wilson M75 01:58:02 01:57:47    
504 Nicola Tarrant SL 02:06:32 02:05:44    
505 Kate Knight L50 02:10:22 02:09:27 CB  
507 Harriet Archer L40 02:16:24 02:15:30    

Mon 4 Jun 2012

Kent Roadrunner Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Ruth on a PB by 7:42.

Ruth reports: "What a day! This was a really good Marathon for several reasons:
1. I got in for half price (due to the Shakespeare Marathon being cancelled and changed to a Half, the organisers of this marathon offered half price to anyone in that situation- thanks! And thanks to Mel Ross for letting me know that too!
2. I got a PB which beat my previous marathon PB time, by over 7 minutes, set in September 2007 at New Forest.

I think that it would be a really good marathon for first timers as due to the laps you are never far away from the head quarters so it felt really safe. It also means that your supporters do not need to travel around a city to see you at different points and can make use of the facilities.

To count the laps the 16 bands system worked well. There were 17 laps and when you had completed each lap you threw one of your bands into a bucket. You knew you were on your last one when you had no bands left – that was a good feeling. I had started to get a little fed up when I had 4 bands left. My other half Ray came along to support me and I had support from Andy Randall’s family too who were there to support him. It was good to see Andy there as I thought I would be the only Collywobbler.

Andy lapped me three times I think – but that was fine – it was good to see him and we had a bit of a chat each time. Knowing my previous disaster at Shakespeare when the organisers changed the marathon to a half on the start line due to the weather Andy did try and tell me that they were changing the laps to only 16 due to the weather ; )

It was also Roger Biggs’, from the Hundred Club, 700th Marathon and the first running event ever to be held at the new Cyclopark which only opened only a few weeks before. It was good for the supporters too – there was a cafe, with good coffee and tea and Ray had a lovely bacon roll there. There were good facilities for the runners – showers, toilets, cafe etc and it was all very clean. My only criticism would be that the water was not always quickly available during the race and they did not give you enough in the cup. I ended up taking two cups each lap towards the end of the race and got Ray to fetch me another 2 cups which he kindly ran across the track with when I was about half way through a lap.

Prior to the race I was dubious about the laps and wasn’t looking forward to that aspect but it was actually fine. The track had undulations and you could see different views depending where you were on the track. There were poppies growing at the sides of the track which were rather beautiful too. A good one to do and I would thoroughly recommend it."

Andy reports: "I ran the Kent Roadrunner marathon yesterday. Had to wait for the times to come up on the site as I had watch problems (hitting stop after one lap rather than the lap button). It was very well organised with great facilities. It was 17 laps of a course that looked nothing like the artist's impression they had presented to us. When I'm in the vet 70's group and the trees have grown then it might look better. I survived an early scare when I had to walk a good deal of the 2nd lap with aching shins. Gradually this got better and I got back to the pace I wanted."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
35 Andy Randall SM 03:17:08    
109 Ruth Cottam L45 04:05:28   PB

Sun 3 Jun 2012

Comrades Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
533 Dave Ross M40 07:24:48    
5672 Melanie Ross L35 10:26:00    

Sun 27 May 2012

Folkestone Coastal 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
97 Harry Helliwell SM 00:47:51    
211 Annette Helliwell L50 00:54:46    

Sun 27 May 2012

BUPA 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Karen reports: "I ran the BUPA 10k on Sunday. I've done this race a couple of times before, its a nice course and well organised with lots of supporters out on the course. The course itself had been altered to take in part of the Olympic Marathon route. It made the run extra special, but this year it was tough because of the heat; there was little shade and no breeze. I have never been so pleased to see a 9km marker!

I was disappointed with my time of 1 hour 10 minutes and 7 seconds, 5 minutes slower than last year, but I think it was probably the same for most people. Even Mo Farrah took a minute longer than last year!"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
7896 Karen Weighall L40   01:10:04  

Mon 21 May 2012

Self Transcendence 5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Andy on a PB by 13s.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
10 Neil Reissland M45 00:16:56     E
32 Andy Randall SM 00:19:15   PB  

Sun 20 May 2012

Great Baddow 10

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Very well done to Robert on a huge PB by 4:37.

Robert reports: "This is a fairly fast undulating 1-lap road course - good for a PB. The website warns of a few hills along
the way but the climbs are quite steady. This was a well organized run in good conditions and there were plenty of club runners to compete with. I had a good steady run and finished in 21st place in 60:55."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
21 Robert Knight SM 01:00:58 01:00:55 PB

Sun 20 May 2012

Richmond Park Marathon

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Mel reports: "Dave and I ran the 2nd Richmond Park marathon. The course had changed slightly from the first year, making it a little bit harder in my opinion. Basically we still ran 3.5 loops of the park. Well organised marathon with nice medal and vest top (although I asked for a small for some reason I was given a xl and I didn't notice until I got home). The route was better marked than last year so Ifound it quite easy follow.

Had a reasonable run, didn't want to rush it as the quicker I finished the sooner I would have had to go to work. Still a bit of a groin niggle but I have just accepted I will have unless I rest completely and I am too stubborn to do that. My time was 4:16. Dave had an excellent run, there was one stage where we ran an out and back section and I saw Dave in about 6th position. He gained on 5th, then 4th, and within the last 2 miles caught the 3rd guy then the 2nd, so finished in a good time of 3:06 and in second position. We were both happy with our runs considering it was our 10 marathon/ultra in 10 weeks. No running next weekend as flying off to South Africa to run the Comrades 56 miles on the 3rd June."

Bill did a CB by 12:58 and Richard by about 7 mins.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2 Dave Ross M40 03:06:27 03:06:22  
25 Bill Walsh M45 03:33:05 03:32:54 CB
41 Richard Fox M45 03:38:17 03:38:06 CB
126 Melanie Ross L35 04:16:25 04:16:08  

Mon 14 May 2012

Self Transcendence 5k

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Well done to Annette on a PB by 54s.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
71 Bob Chart M45 00:21:47      
90 Annette Helliwell L50 00:23:31   PB S
124 Thomas Wilkie M55 00:27:14      

Sun 13 May 2012

Halstead and Essex Marathon

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Dave reports: "This was another toughy but in glorious sunshine for a change. It was nice to run on dry ground and the country roads provided a great setting. Quite a few hills on this two-lap course which, combined with the heat, made it quite draining. Very friendly marshalls and spectators. The medal was also a cracker. Probably my last marathon for a while. Four in the last month has wrecked my knee unfortunately. The last 10 miles were agony but I was more worried about finding a pub with the Man City match on!"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
482 Dave Freeborn SM 04:43:01 04:42:16  
606 Rob Wilson M75 05:55:57 05:55:13  

Sun 13 May 2012

Sutton 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results  Surrey Road League  Tables

Well done on PBs to Robert by 2:24, Roger by 6s, Dave by 54s, and Jean by 1:40. And a course best for Mary.

Let me know if you also have run a PB or CB.

In the Surrey Road League, after this 2nd event, Collingwood men are in 9th place just behind Croydon Harriers and Ranelagh Harriers. Our women are in 6th, 1 place behind Sutton Runners.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
16 Neil Reissland M45 00:36:13 00:36:11    
27 Robert Knight SM 00:37:10 00:37:03 PB  
38 Roger Bryant M40 00:37:55 00:37:47 PB  
80 Andy Randall SM 00:40:35 00:40:20    
109 Steve Cooney M40 00:41:59 00:41:44    
117 Mary James L35 00:42:24 00:42:19 CB G
130 Dave Condon SM 00:43:28 00:43:13 PB  
198 Gary Thompson M40 00:47:44 00:47:21    
219 Richard Tanner M40 00:48:50 00:48:28    
238 Elaine Reid L40 00:50:08 00:49:46    
266 Rachel Tanner L40 00:52:18 00:51:56    
329 Rupert Quested M60 00:57:47 00:57:09    
423 Kate Knight L50 01:17:21 01:16:42    
426 Jean Quested L60 01:25:33 01:24:24 PB  

Sat 12 May 2012


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Mel reports: "Dave and I ran the Orpington Marafun on Sat 12th May. There was no set entry fee just a recommended donation of £16.50. The event is organised in order to raise money for the Footsteps foundation to help kids in Africa.

The course was very boring along residential pavements, twisting and turning a lot. Through the back of the High Street then along the side of a dual carriageway cross over then back again, twice. We had to record our own times and pick up a medal from the table. The course was also quite hilly. Not a good time for me finishing in 4:34, had the dreaded pains again!!

Dave had a good run but also not enjoying the course, his time reflects that it was a bit of a tough one. He finished 4th in 3:08:05. Not one we would do again or recommend."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4 Dave Ross M40 03:08:05    
  Melanie Ross L35 04:34:00    

Wed 9 May 2012

Beckenham AC (Forbanks) Relay

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60 teams finished. It looks like our team numbers were swapped in a hurried preparation and late arrival at the start, so the official results show the teams the other way round. Sandhya and myself started 20-30s late on our first legs - I was still tying shoelaces when everyone started - and Ercole only managed to arrive during the first leg after a late train arrival.

Still we managed a good showing with both teams.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
Martin Lloyd
Andy Randall
Ercole Lugari


48 Sandhya Drew
Dave Condon
Martin Lloyd



Mon 7 May 2012

Belfast Marathon

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2873 Rob Wilson M75 06:20:51 06:18:25  

Sun 6 May 2012

Richmond Half

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Well done to Cat on a PB by 1:39, and Ruth by 1s.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
304 Ruth Cottam L45 01:50:26   PB
322 Cat Gaskell SL 01:51:48   PB
430 Martin Godleman M55 01:58:47    
484 Elaine Reid L40 02:03:45    
532 Marc Wood M40 02:07:20    
637 Trish Coombs L65 02:18:24    
722 Kate Knight L50 02:58:45    

Thur 3 May 2012

Dave Clarke c5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Approx 4.9k this time. 29 Collingwood runners (40% of the field).

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
3 Robert Knight SM 00:17:35    
5 Roger Bryant M40 00:17:46    
8 Andy Randall SM 00:18:42    
11 Martin Lloyd M50 00:19:17    
12 Richard Fox M40 00:19:21    
14 Bill Walsh M45 00:19:29    
15 Mary James L35 00:19:33    
16 Andy Stalley M45 00:19:37    
19 Steve Cooney M40 00:19:43    
20 Shaun Cooney SM 00:19:46    
21 Andy Alsleben M40 00:19:58    
32 Jason Smith M40 00:22:19    
34 Gary Thompson M40 00:22:23    
37 Nicola Stevenson L35 00:22:33    
42 Elaine Reid L40 00:23:23    
43 Cat Gaskell SL 00:23:28    
46 Ruth Cottam L40 00:23:50    
47 Annette Helliwell L50 00:24:00    
53 Melvin Trundley M65 00:25:45    
55 Jenny Sinfield L35 00:26:33    
56 Ben Thompson JM 00:26:43    
58 Alison Fox L45 00:26:54    
59 Sandhya Drew L40 00:27:03    
61 Paul Cooper SM 00:27:18    
63 Trish Coombs L65 00:29:07    
65 Gill Stalley L45 00:30:03    
66 Karen Weighall L40 00:30:13    
69 Ria Trundley L60 00:31:39    
71 Kate Knight L50 00:38:09    

Sun 29 Apr 2012

Manchester Marathon

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Sounds like the baggage and other organisational problems at Manchester were a great deal worse than at Milton Keynes. Statement

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2381 Dave Freeborn SM 04:14:09 04:11:38  

Sun 29 Apr 2012

Shakespeare Marathon (Half)

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The marathon was shortened to a half due to the adverse weather conditions.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
454 Ruth Cottam L45 01:56:27 01:56:08  
479 Annette Helliwell L50 01:58:44 01:58:24  

Sun 29 Apr 2012

Milton Keynes Marathon

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Martin reports: "I travelled up to Milton Keynes for their inaugural marathon with Mel and Dave in awful conditions. We selected an adjacent McDonalds as our pre and post-race HQ rather than the cold and draughty stadium along with the other thousands. It was handy for the start and finish and the baggage lorries so we were able to stay in the warm till 15 mins before the start. Rob and Tom arrived from the station but had got so cold and wet that they decided to have something to eat and go home.

I had an inauspicious start, with my cap blowing off in a gust of wind after 100m. After a few seconds of indecision I turned round to retrieve it, dodging the oncoming runners. Was I Mr Popular. The start was staggered and on a wide boulevard for the first mile and I settled into a 7:50 pace hoping to maintain that for 20 miles and atttempt to push on from there. Mel was in the next wave 5 mins later.

The course moved onto the paths and redway cycle paths after the first mile. I had anticipated quite a few dips for underpasses but there were far more inclines up and down for these and bridges than I had foreseen. It seemed like hundreds. It was also very twisty for road and canal crossings. Some of the turns were quite sharp, cutting across grass verges. A runner in front of me went down on one of the grass turns, as did Dave Ross. Many of the paths were also partly or totally flooded. I started off avoiding the flooding by moving onto the verges but these were almost as wet as the paths and muddy as well. After a few miles I gave up the avoidance tactics and just went through the puddles especially as some of them were totally unavoidable.

I had put on a bin liner "gilet" before the start intending to take it off as soon as I'd warmed up, but ended up wearing it for the whole race. The rain and wind continued throughout with severe gusts that almost took your breath away, and in the last couple of miles the rain even got heavier. By this time I had started to slow. My hip flexors had begun to tighten, restricting stride length, especially on the downhills which there seemed to be more of in the last couple of miles (plus the uphills) with a few climbs for bridges over the main roads.

At last the stadium was in sight, but my Garmin was already indicating 26.2, as were those of several runners around me. I finished in 3:32:12, a PW, on the tarmac path on pitchside. There were no blankets at the finish, and after walking round the other 3 sides of the pitch to the exit I was already getting very cold and shivering. A walk up the tunnel to collect the goodie bag, but there was no blanket in there either. I went straight back into the stadium to warm up a bit before collecting my bag but that didn't help a lot and I decided to get my bag straight away. There was a 20 minute queue in the open for my baggage lorry. The organisers had allocated all the low race numbers to the faster finishers so they were all trying to get their bags at the same time from the same lorry, whilst the volunteers on other lorries had nothing to do.

My hip flexors had now seized up in the cold and I could hardly get moving again as the queue started to edge forward. My hands were also so cold that I had to ask someone else to undo my safety pins so I could hold the number up for baggage claim. A very kind lady from a Cancer Research UK stall did lend me her fleece though. She said she picked the coldest looking person in the queue to give it to.

Fortunately the MacDonalds had hot air hand driers, so I stood underneath one of these whilst getting changed into about 5 dry layers. Dave Ross was already there having done 3:02, and Mel arrived soon after having done 4:14. Despite the conditions she was happier with this run than last week, as she had less injury pain. Must have been the special crystals from her Nan! All seemed to have found the course a bit long on their GPS, from 26.49 on mine to 26.7 on another.

There are a few issues the organisers need to sort out, but you can't fault the marshals, some of whom must have been standing out there for over 6 hours. There were also quite a few dedicated supporters, mostly sheltering in the underpasses, who did help in keeping the spirits up."

01/05/12 - the organisers state that 250m was added to the course in a detour to avoid flooding. Statement.


Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
347 Martin Lloyd M50 03:32:28 03:32:12  
1365 Melanie Ross L35 04:16:17 04:14:03  
2933 Kate Knight L50 07:09:13 06:59:35  

Sun 29 Apr 2012

Hogsmill Ladies 5

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Alison F reports: "Race report to follow from Alison Symonds-Tayler, but suffice to say it was mad out there this morning - cold with rain and strong winds, churned up mud and deep puddles on the offroad sections. 10 Collingwood ladies turned up and ran - brilliant! And we share the Mob Trophy with Run to Live (who also fielded 10 ladies). The only unfortunate issue was part of the course was possibly insufficiently marked as several people ended up following the wrong path and adding an extra half mile or so to their race (Rachel was one). The race director commented that often runners switched their brains off, so that was probably it! Hmmmmmmm!"

Alison ST reports: "I am writing this report as a beginner runner, who from a background of regular walking, but no running, discovered parkrun New Year’s Day 2011. During 2011 I gradually realised that Collingwood AC was a very welcoming club and that I could actually join it. I have been daunted by the thought of doing a 10km run, but the ladies Hogsmill 5 Mile seemed like a good step up from parkrun and the prospect of a jog around the delightful Hogsmill area in the Spring sunshine appealed.

It was my first time wearing the Collingwood vest, besides parkrun. On Saturday night my friend posted on Facebook that her birdwatching walk was cancelled on Sunday due to bad weather and I pondered how bad the conditions had to be before a multi-terrain running race was cancelled. There was a helpful warning that due to the rain this week we should wear suitable foot wear and clothing. But it seems that nothing stops the Epsom Allsorts and by 10 am 163 intrepid ladies gathered, ready to go in the rain.

I had four aims, to finish, ideally not last, to not fall in a puddle or the mud and if possible to maintain my parkrun speed of thirteen minute miles. I’m afraid I declined the one lap warm up, but set off cheerfully with the others, started by the wonderful lady Mayor of Epsom (apparently a runner) . Once round the track we were greeted by a huge puddle that we had to go through, but after the cold shock, my wet feet soon warmed up and when we met more puddles and mud, somehow they didn’t seem to matter. No more pussyfooting around like I do at parkrun, I just went straight through the mud and boy was it deep, but thankfully, as so wet, not that cloying. Roundshaw Downs is good preparation for this type of race.

My fellow parkrunners will know I tend to walk parts, but at the Dulwich parkrun I managed to run the whole three miles for the first time. With this knowledge under my belt and maybe my mid-week attempts at training are paying off, I was determined to run at least the first mile and then the second. I walked just a teensy bit before the three mile marker. The loop round the lake gave me a chance to see there were a few behind me. The marshalls were brilliant standing there in the cold rain.

About three and a half miles my husband Richard appeared, I was annoyed to be seen walking a bit as the mud was quite tiring and I was planning to run again once we were on tarmac. But I got going again. Richard walks fast, but was shrewd enough to know I would not appreciate him walking faster than my running. Getting beyond the parkrun distance was good and four miles came and went. I was determined to run the final mile and as Richard overheard one lady say “ I have never been so pleased to see a running track”. For a moment I thought we had to do two laps, but then worked out it was one. I had kept fellow rearguard parkrunner Rosemary Egbe in sight for a while and once onto the track, I wondered whether I could catch her. I found some more energy and steadily crept up on her over the final three hundred metres. Apparently the Collingwood cheerleaders, Nikki, Janet and Prisca were willing me to catch her. I did indeed level with her, giving her quite a surprise, but that spurred her into a final burst and she beat me by just three secs and I didn’t have enough left to match her.

However I achieved my aims, finishing quicker than my thirteen minute miles (by twenty secs) and didn’t fall over and I was sixth from last. It was a very well organised event, except for the scrum around the cakes, but Nikki’s dad kindly shared his tea with me. I was also thrilled to have my daughter Ellie meet me at the end. We have supported her at the New Forest half marathon and Exbury 10km (to be recommended) and it was lovely to have the roles reversed."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
2 Mary James L35 00:33:47    
14 Cat Gaskell SL 00:41:35   PB
42 Prisca Abalo L35 00:45:58    
45 Alison Fox L45 00:46:15   PB
75 Rachel Tanner L40 00:49:00    
94 Janet Nash L50 00:51:59    
112 Ria Trundley L60 00:54:51    
117 Maria Lawrence L45 00:55:17    
140 Jenny Sinfield L35 00:59:36    
158 Alison Symonds-Tayler L50 01:04:40    

Sun 22 Apr 2012

London Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Cat on a PB by 11:30.

Andy reports: "First rule of marathon running!
The obvious first rule is do not go off too fast or you’ll pay for it. I ignored that totally, and guess what, I paid for it. I ran well last week, so thought, what the hell, go for the 3:15 good-for-age qualifying time, even though I had not done the work to have a realistic chance of that, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Really congested getting away from the Green Start; it took me 400 yards to overtake a bear and a 101-year-old runner! Still got going well, probably too well; comfortably inside my target pace, which I kept to through 15 miles with really consistent 5km splits. By 17 miles I was 106 seconds up on 3:15 pace and still going well. By 19, I knew that I would not make it as I was struggling to push forward, cramping from the hips. I remained inside 3:15 until 21 miles, but by then it was too late. Now really struggling to propel my legs forward; and from 25 miles cramping completely down the right leg and a bit in the left.

Finished in 3:26, which for the third year on the trot was two minutes slower than my Brighton time. Far to fast a start for my current fitness, but I’m glad I tried.

As Andy Randall mentioned last week, it was great to see so many Collingwood and Banstead Wooders on the way, really encouraging, especially if you suddenly get called to when not expecting it. Thank you to you all for the last two weeks."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
3946 Andy Stalley M45   03:26:22  
4688 Bill Walsh M45   03:30:43  
14667 Cat Gaskell SL   04:15:05 PB
18432 Mel Ross L35   04:29:12  
26541 Rupert Quested M60   05:03:08  
26601 Trish Coombs L65   05:03:30  
34546 Doug White M60   06:10:18  
34685 Thomas Wilkie M55   06:13:13  
35683 Kate Knight L50   06:38:27  
36474 Rob Wilson M75   07:25:48  

Sun 15 Apr 2012

Thames Towpath 10

Road Results Index

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
376 Marc Wood M40 01:30:40 01:30:17  

Sun 15 Apr 2012

Brighton Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Bill on a PB by 7:10, Elaine on her debut marathon, and Alison on a PB by a massive 18:30.

Andy R reports: "A big thank you to all the Collingwood members who gave up their Sunday just to cheer us all on. They would not give us any rest around the course."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Club Std
339 Bill Walsh M45 03:20:47 03:19:46 PB B
437 Andy Randall SM 03:24:12 03:17:44    
544 Andy Stalley M45 03:27:14 03:24:05    
646 Mike Mason SM 03:29:19 03:28:46    
857 Simon Donaghy M40 03:33:58 03:31:12    
938 Richard Fox M40 03:35:53 03:34:52    
1140 Steve Cooney M40 03:40:22 03:37:11    
4751 Dave Freeborn SM 04:32:56 04:21:15    
5355 Elaine Reid L40 04:41:48 04:23:22    
6516 Alison Fox L45 05:01:21 04:42:55 PB  
8352 Doug White M60 06:04:20 05:49:39    
8353 Mel Bonard L40 06:04:21 05:46:39    
8354 Rob Wright M45 06:04:22 05:46:40    
8527 Rob Wilson M75 06:16:54 06:02:13    

Sun 15 Apr 2012

Milan Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Club Std
601 Ercole Lugari SM 03:17:49 03:17:14   B

Sat 14 Apr 2012

Run The Valley 5k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
152 Douglas Josham SM   00:30:38  

Mon 9 Apr 2012

London Easter Bunny 10k

Road Results Index  Full Results

Nicola reports: "All I can say is we got very wet and we saw lots of animals in Regents Park. Both Janet and I got beat by four chickens!!!"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
10 Robert Knight SM 00:38:40 00:38:37  
144 Prisca Abalo L35 00:57:38 00:56:59  
222 Janet Nash L50 01:07:45 01:07:07  
243 Nicola Tarrant SL 01:12:29 01:11:52  

Sun 8 Apr 2012

Utrecht Marathon

Road Results Index

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Rob Wilson M75 05:41:29    

Sun 8 Apr 2012

Rise 'N' Shine 5k

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Josh reports: "I finally got round to a race whilst in the US. I ran the "Easter Sunday - Rise 'n' Shine 5k" in St Paul, Minnesota.
2 laps of Lake Coma in a time of 30:19".

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
71 Douglas Josham SM 00:30:19    

Thur 5 Apr 2012

East Surrey League - Ewell Court 4.25

Road Results Index  Full Results (revised 10/04/12)

Collingwood teams were 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th on the night, and 8th, 16th and 20th over the season.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
5 Neil Reissland M45 00:24:11    
22 Andy Randall SM 00:27:03    
31 Andy Stalley M45 00:28:02    
35 Bill Walsh M45 00:28:18    
36 Mike Mason SM 00:28:21    
37 Martin Lloyd M50 00:28:48    
45 Keith Dunning M45 00:30:41    
64 Nicola Stevenson L35 00:32:48    
65 Ruth Cottam L45 00:32:50    
66 Annette Helliwell L50 00:32:53    
67 Cat Gaskell SL 00:35:43    
68 Lorraine Thomas L40 00:36:45    
69 Prisca Abalo L35 00:36:53    
75 Kate Knight L50 01:04:08    

Sun 1 Apr 2012

Kingston 16

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Course shortened due to bridgeworks.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1294 Trish Coombs L65   02:46:56  

Sun 1 Apr 2012

Kingston 8.2

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Course shortened to 8 miles due to bridgeworks.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
909 Sharon Keefe L55   01:21:36  

Sun 1 Apr 2012

Caterham Rotary Bunny 5k

Road Results Index

Karen reports: "My second run (of the weekend) was the Caterham Rotary Bunny Run. The distance was 5k. The weather was perfect, bright and sunny without too much of a breeze. I got off to a slowish start as I was a bit sore from my efforts the day before, however I'd reached the 3k marker before I knew it and finished with a time of 31:56. My prize was an Easter egg, which didnt make it to the end of the afternoon.

All in all very enjoyable, but I was glad of a rest!"

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Karen Weighall L40 00:31:56    

Sun 1 Apr 2012

Reading Half

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4926 Ruth Cottam L45 01:59:51 01:52:14  
7172 Jo Parsons L40 02:11:18 02:00:48  
8359 Mel Bonard L40 02:17:25 02:06:57  
10985 Rob Wright M45 02:37:13 02:26:43  

Sun 1 Apr 2012

Paddock Wood Half

Road Results Index  Full Results

Well done to Alison on a PB by 2:28.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1364 Alison Fox L45 02:04:07 02:02:21 PB
1849 Ria Trundley L60 02:36:19 02:34:29  
1850 Melvin Trundley M65 02:36:19 02:34:30  

Sun 1 Apr 2012

Croydon Half

Road Results Index  Full Results  Competitions scoring

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
17 Robert Knight SM 01:23:18 01:23:16  
18 Roger Bryant M40 01:23:20 01:23:28  
46 Andy Randall SM 01:30:02 01:29:58  
81 Andy Stalley M45 01:34:57 01:34:54  
104 Martin Lloyd M50 01:36:41 01:36:36  
132 Dave Condon SM 01:39:51 01:39:39  
256 Elaine Reid L40 01:53:59 01:53:39  
267 Annette Helliwell L50 01:55:09 01:54:51  
373 Marc Wood M40 02:07:03 02:06:43  
396 Prisca Abalo L35 02:08:30 02:08:09  
515 Kate Knight L50 03:11:17 03:10:35  

Sat 31 Mar 2012

Olympic 5

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Karen reports: "I did two races this weekend. The first on Saturday was the National Lottery Olympic 5 mile run at the Olympic Park, Stratford. I achieved a time of 50:22, which I was quite pleased with. The Olympic Park itself is still a bit of a wasteland, but the stadium itself is awsome! It was very exciting to run around the track.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Karen Weighall L40 00:50:22    

Sun 25 Mar 2012

Barcelona Marathon

Road Results Index  Full Results

Bill reports: "I completed the Barcelona Marathon on Sun 25th March with a couple of work friends. I was apprehensive in the build-up to the run, as I felt the course deserved a good effort, and my last month of training was patchy to say the least.
The organisation from the Expo onwards was excellent, and the whole event had an air of professionalism about it, all the little things that sometimes annoy, were thought about and dealt with, very impressed.

The race itself started in 2 waves 15 mins apart, I was off in the first wave and standing next to a speaker blasting out Freddie Mercury's Barcelona, the adrenaline kicked in at this point and the conservative run plan disappeared. I was aware of my race head saying " lets go for this."

The course was excellent from the start, good wide roads, sheltered from the hot sun by the high buildings in places and only slight gradients, nothing too leg sapping. It also had a lot of turns and switch-backs which I find better than long endless stretches which bore me to the point I get lazy and switch off. The support was patchy but enthusiastic, though the clocks going back and the early 8.30 start probably didn't help in the early miles.

I started the race quicker than normal but just felt good from the start, and my plan was to hold on for as long as possible and get some time in the bank for the inevitable wall later on. As it turned out I pretty much held 7.50 pace all the way, only really struggling in the last 2km on an uphill to the finish, but I think most people felt the same as I wasn't aware of being overtaken much.

So my 33rd marathon done and my second best time in 3:29:25, it was totally unexpected until 5k from the finish, when I realised a sub 3.30 could be on the cards, and left me buzzing for the rest of the day. If only every race left you feeling that way, but enjoy it when it does I suppose. My 2 friends both got PBs in their 2nd and 3rd Marathons so all in all a great weekend in sunny Barcelona was had by all, can't recommend it more highly and I'll definitely be returning."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4020 Bill Walsh M45   03:29:25  

Sun 25 Mar 2012

Hastings Half

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1798 Annette Helliwell L50 02:01:03 01:58:08  
2321 Paul Booth M55 02:10:26 02:07:13  
2399 Lorraine Thomas L40 02:12:06 02:09:11 PB
3522 Kate Knight L50 03:18:53 03:14:51  

Sun 25 Mar 2012

Water Of Life Half

Road Results Index  Full Results

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
373 Cat Gaskell SL 02:01:22 02:00:59  

Sun 25 Mar 2012

Water Of Life 10k

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Alison reports: "I finished the 10k in 76th place in 57:02 and Cat the half in 373rd place in 2:00:59. Season's best for me, which was a bit of a surprise especially considering we had to cross 2 steep little bridges twice as the route was a sort of circuitous out and back. Cat's calf was suffering but she was spot on for the 2 hours she was aiming for."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
76 Alison Fox L45 00:57:18 00:57:02  

Sun 25 Mar 2012

Cranleigh 21

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Martin reports: "A chilly start to the day, especially with a trip to Cranleigh in Rupert's open top Teal Bugatti at 6:45. The early start was made less bearable by the lack of sleep, partly due to the clocks going forward and partly due to neighbours who wanted to share their drum and bass at 1am.

It had warmed a little for the start but was still a bit cool. A calf injury over the last couple of weeks made me wonder whether I'd make the first few miles let alone 21, but the calf turned out to be fine so Plan A came into action - run to 15 at 7:25 pace and then push harder from there. The 15 mile time was ok but I faded from there despite having Tim McIntyre of Sutton Runners just ahead to chase, and a backwards and forwards battle with Pippa Major of Thames Hare and Hounds, and finished in 2:41:16, 3 and a half minutes slower than last year's PB.

Rupert had made a pre-arranged early start to beat the cut-off, but was not overly impressed with his starting timekeeper who told him she'd be starting him in 8 seconds but didn't tell him till he asked that the (unmarked) start line was 20 yds away. He did have a more impressive run though, finishing in about 3:51 for a PB, beating last year's debut by over 8 minutes, and feeling almost fresh at the finish.

Cranleigh's a great event - good value for money (only £10) and fairly low key, with jelly babies supplied en route, and good encouragement from the marshals, particularly when you take the left turn to continue on to the 21 miles rather than right to take the optional 15 mile finish."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
99 Martin Lloyd M50 02:41:57    
564 Rupert Quested M60 03:51:10   PB

Sat 24 Mar 2012

Selsdon Half

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Nigel reports: "I ran the Selsdon Half this morning. It's only the third year but numbers have steadily grown and it's very well organised by the Mormon church. It is not a pb course with steep climbs up to Shirley, Sanderstead and finally Riddlesdown & Selsdon. There are also major road crossings and direction changes to keep you on your toes but marshals and signs were plentiful. It's not an official UK athletics measured course and some thought it was slightly over distance. I stopped the watch at 1.43.23 - no official times released yet.

I would recommend it and do it again - there are not many events where you can do a half marathon and still be home in good time for lunch!"

Richard reports: "As Nigel said not a PB course, hot day and as we expected very hilly. But a well organised race and good day had by all."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
21 Nigel Wood M55 01:43:26    
86 Richard Tanner M45 02:08:29    
87 Rachel Tanner L40 02:08:56    

Sun 18 Mar 2012

Spitfire 20

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Well done to Cat on a PB beating her Spitfire 20 Spring 2011 time by 5:29.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
489 Ruth Cottam L45 03:02:25 03:01:52  
543 Cat Gaskell SL 03:07:17 03:06:42 PB
649 Elaine Reid L40 03:21:10 03:20:34  
684 Alison Fox L45 03:26:49 03:26:14  
777 Trish Coombs L65 03:47:53 03:47:18  
  Kate Knight L50   04:56:10  

Sun 18 Mar 2012

Tempest 10

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Well done on a PB to Robert, beating his Tadworth 2012 time by 5 mins, and also Josh beating his Tadworth 2011 time by 2:16.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
13 Robert Knight SM 01:05:46 01:05:32 PB
69 Nigel Pointer M50 01:21:08 01:20:33  
119 Richard Tanner M45 01:28:38 01:28:04  
121 Rachel Tanner L40 01:28:53 01:28:19  
201 Douglas Josham SM 01:50:35 01:50:01 PB

Sun 11 Mar 2012

Lydd Half

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Nigel reports: "I returned to Lydd in Kent, the scene of last year's only half and pb of 1.34.51 to try it again. Results so far have not been as good as last year so I was expecting around 1.40 this time.

Conditions were ideal - warm, still and a route through quiet lanes. As the race went on I felt more comfortable after a slowish first mile and settled at 7.15 mile pace. With 2 miles to go some quick mental calculations suggested that a pb might be on. The inflatable finish arch could be seen for the last mile and as I finally passed under it my chip time was .......1.34.53! And just to add to the Groundhog Day feel I was 83rd last year, 4th vet in age group / 88th this and 4th vet again."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
88 Nigel Wood M55   01:34:53  

Sun 11 Mar 2012

Silverstone Half

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Official gun times 11/03/12. Well done to Ercole and Paul (by 8:40) on PBs.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB Std
185 Ercole Lugari SM 01:30:38   PB B
2969 Paul Cooper SM 02:03:38   PB  
4301 Rob Wright M45 02:17:12      

Sun 4 Mar 2012

Ostend-Bruges 10

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Lorraine reports: "My first international race was the Ostend-Bruges 10 miles. It was a great excuse to visit the beautiful medieval city of Bruges and run what has become my favourite distance.

The race organisation was good and the HQ, although outside the city, was a short bus, taxi or even walk away and was easy to find. On the day several coaches collected the runners from HQ and drove them to the start of the industrial estate in Ostend. It wasn’t the prettiest of starts to a race but the route ran us the length of the canal back to the HQ. And along the way we had a brass band and several Bag Pipers to spur us on.

I managed to start the race with two throbbing blisters caused by traipsing round the cobbled streets of Bruges the day before in stupid footwear. Doh! Fortunately, two members of Striders donated a couple of Compeed plasters and I was ok to run. The course was pancake flat and although it could be considered boring it allowed me a chance to focus on my form and I had a great race beating my personal best by 5 minutes 46 seconds. It was pretty cold and rainy with the cross wind threatening to drop me in the canal at times.

One of the highlights of the race was the marquee at HQ providing free local Brugse Zot beer at the end. And one of the disappointments was that instead of receiving the expected t-shirt we were presented with... a plant. However, we got a further bottle of beer and a piece of cake so all in all I wasn’t complaining. The half hour walk back to town was a good warm down and the evening of beers a great way to recover. I really enjoyed this race and plan to revisit next year if anyone else fancies joining me. It is a great pb course and a really good excuse to drink great beer and eat gorgeous chocolate, and the city of Bruges is delightful."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Lorraine Thomas L40 01:33:20   PB

Sun 4 Mar 2012

Eastbourne Half

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Richard reports: "I will say it was hard, I still feel a bit injured from Beachy Head mile and the weather, and I think I was going into shock by mile 11."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
851 Richard Tanner M45 02:02:18 02:00:59  
931 Rachel Tanner L40 02:05:22 02:04:22  
1022 Rob Wright M45 02:08:54 02:07:53  
1211 Mel Bonard L40 02:19:21 02:18:21  
1423 Kate Knight L50 02:56:21 02:53:50  

Sun 26 Feb 2012

Nonsuch Park 10k

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73 men took part and 47 ladies.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Richard Tanner M45 00:50:56    
  Marc Wood M40 00:54:06    
  Rachel Tanner L40 00:53:34    
  Paul Cooper SM 00:55:49    
  Rob Wright M45 00:56:51    
  Mel Bonard L40 01:01:11    
  John Allen M65 01:09:34    

Sun 26 Feb 2012

Heartbreak 10k

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
26 Jenny Sinfield L35 00:57:19    

Sun 26 Feb 2012

Heartbreak Marathon

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Steve reports: "Jenny and I went to Fordingbridge in the New Forest for the Heartbreaker Marathon and 10K. The start was moved half a mile further away for both races due to more runners than expected but the finish was the same. This meant both races were half a mile longer!

There was about 2 miles in each race on road and the rest was in the New Forest itself. Several long hills had to be climbed and this marathon was a lot tougher than the actual New Forest Marathon. Jenny did the 10k in 57 mins 19 secs and was 5th lady (26th overall). I did the marathon in 4 hours 1 min 8 seconds and was 27th overall."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
27 Steve Cooney M40 04:01:08    

Sun 26 Feb 2012

Tunbridge Wells Half

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1300 Cat Gaskell SL 01:58:52 01:56:36  
2096 Kate Knight L50 03:04:48 03:00:16  

Sun 19 Feb 2012

Brighton Half

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Kate reports: " I ran today in Brighton Half marathon, great day to run and good running weather, I did this one in 3.09.02, which I was pleased with, considering I had just had an op at Gatwick park on Friday evening, I managed to keep a steady pace and managed to get round quite comfortably. Looking forward to Tunbridge Wells half next Sunday, and Eastbourne half marathon on 4th March. Also looking forward to Banstead Parkrun and sharing this one with Andy for the 200th landmark and again on Saturday 3rd March."

The organisers confirm that the distance was actually 13.4 miles and have published an adjusted chip time for all:
Rachel 02:03:07
Richard: 02:03:06
Sandhya: 02:17:06
Doug: 02:19:29
Kate: 03:09:02

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
4666 Rachel Tanner L40 02:13:53 02:06:08  
4667 Richard Tanner M40 02:13:54 02:06:07  
5930 Sandhya Drew L40 02:26:22 02:20:28  
6078 Doug White M60 02:28:18 02:22:54  
7336 Kate Knight L50 03:21:09 03:09:02  

Sat 18 Feb 2012

Fetch Mile - Battersea

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Alison reports: "We got soaked! We ate cayke (chocolate brownies made by Aimee!)."


Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Richard Fox M40 00:05:46    
  Dominic Fox JM14 00:08:10    
  Alison Fox L45 00:08:15    

Sun 12 Feb 2012

Valentine's 10k

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24 runners from Collingwood - more than any other club in the race. Well done to Jim and Robert on PBs, Gill, Rupert and Annette on CBs, and Nicola on her debut 10k.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
26 Robert Knight SM 00:39:31 00:39:27 PB
34 Martin Lloyd M50 00:40:18 00:40:14  
39 Richard Fox M40 00:40:40 00:40:36  
55 Steve Cooney M40 00:42:01 00:41:58  
85 Andy Stalley M45 00:44:31 00:44:27  
132 Gary Thompson M40 00:47:21 00:47:10  
156 Richard Tanner M45 00:48:54 00:48:41  
169 Nigel Pointer M50 00:49:46 00:49:33  
173 Elaine Reid L40 00:50:00 00:49:49  
178 Jenny Sinfield L35 00:50:17 00:50:02  
198 Ruth Cottam L45 00:51:15 00:51:05  
210 Annette Helliwell L50 00:51:56 00:51:45 CB
228 Rachel Tanner L40 00:52:29 00:52:16  
242 Marc Wood M40 00:53:10 00:52:55  
293 Paul Cooper SM 00:57:11 00:56:55  
298 Sandhya Drew L45 00:57:27 00:57:12  
299 Alison Fox L45 00:57:27 00:57:13  
320 Rupert Quested M60 00:59:02 00:58:47 CB
331 Gill Stalley L45 00:59:36 00:59:14 CB
354 Cat Gaskell SL 01:02:53 01:02:31  
358 Douglas Josham SM 01:03:26 01:03:03  
374 Jim Knight M55 01:06:52 01:06:31 PB
386 Nicola Tarrant SL 01:09:11 01:08:45  
400 Kate Knight L50 01:18:34 01:18:11  

Sat 11 Feb 2012

Enigma Marathon - Day 3

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Mel reports: "Yesterday I ran in the third day of the engima 4 in 4 marathons. It was very very cold and the course was still icy in parts. I have run this course before at other Enigma events. It is 7.5 laps of Caldecotte lake in Milton Keynes organised by my good friend Dave Bayley.

I planned to run slowly as I was entered into the Punchbowl the next day. I found that I was not able to run quickly anyway, the dreaded stomach/groin pain was back. I plodded around the lake lap after lap, the lake looked nice all frozen over and it was amusing watching the ducks skating on the ice. The atmosphere was good as I was overtaking runners who were running in the 4 marathons and it was great to be able to encourage them and I wondered how they could run this course 4 days in a row (rather them than me) although it is a nice course one day of 7.5 laps is enough. I finished in a time of 4 hours 28 min not happy with that but it was the best I could do. I decided that evening that I would not risk running the punchbowl and making things worse."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Melanie Ross L35 04:28:00    

Sun 29 Jan 2012

Marrakech Marathon

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Annette was 4th Brit lady, and very well done on a PB by 7:01.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
68 Annette Helliwell L50 04:30:24 04:28:56 PB

Sun 29 Jan 2012

Marrakech Half

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
1585 John Helliwell M50 01:57:03 01:55:02  

Sun 22 Jan 2012

Gloucester Marathon

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Mel reports: "I really really struggled round it in 4 hours 34. I was suffering these pains in my stomach just as I did in the 100 club handicap marathon. I decided to rest all week, see how they were and attempt the Battle of Northampton on Sat 28th."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
309 Melanie Ross L35 04:33:05    

Sun 22 Jan 2012

Gran Canaria Marathon

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Rob was 1st M75 in his 413th marathon.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Rob Wilson M75 00:05:34    

Sun 8 Jan 2012

100 Club AGM Marathon

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Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
63 Melanie Ross L35 04:34:01    
64 Rob Wilson M75 06:17:59    

Mon 2 Jan 2012

Tadworth 10

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A great turnout for two hilly laps of mixed trails and roads! 18 Collingwood members ran the challenging Tadworth 10. A course best for Ruth and Richard (14s), and a PB for Andy, beating his previous best at the 2009 Great South by 9:29, and Elaine beating her Epsom 10 time from this year by 2:17.

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
26 Roger Bryant M40   01:05:31  
52 Andy Randall SM   01:09:48 PB
53 Richard Fox M40   01:09:52 CB
63 Robert Knight SM   01:10:32  
69 Martin Lloyd M50   01:10:52  
125 Steve Cooney M40   01:15:54  
145 Dean Cooper SM   01:17:12  
177 Nigel Wood M55   01:19:06  
302 Elaine Reid L40   01:27:10 PB
338 Annette Helliwell L50   01:29:13  
390 Ruth Cottam L45   01:32:44 CB
415 John Helliwell M50   01:34:39  
435 Cat Gaskell SL   01:36:56  
483 Bill Walsh M45   01:41:44  
505 Lorraine Thomas L40   01:45:25  
506 Alison Fox L45   01:45:26  
522 Rupert Quested M60   01:50:14  
554 Kate Knight L50   02:45:32  

Sun 1 Jan 2012

Liverbird Double - Marathon 2

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Mel reports: "On the 31st and 1st of Jan I ran the Liverbird double marathon. I went into this quite anxious as have been suffering with a groin strain - of course the doc said to rest but I just cant do that! The course started alongside the Mersey on the footpath, however when we arrived the gate to the footpath was padlocked " no problem said one guy" and returned with a hacksaw and continued to saw off the padlocks.

Kaja, the lady who organised it carried out a very funny race brief (wasn't supposed to be funny) she said that we didn't have to run around the chinese restaurant when we reached it but to simply run through it. The race started at 12 noon, there were about 65 runners on the first day. The course was 3.3 mile along the footpath, turn at the end then back again, four times. It was not the most inspiring of courses. It was good to see fellow runners on the way back and shout encouragement to each other. I managed to do this for Dave Freeborn who was trying to get a sub four. I took it fairly steady and was in a bit of pain, but finished in 3 hours 58. I saw Dave at the end I knew he had finished under four I congratulated him, he replied I am now retiring, I hope he doesn't!

At the finish we were presented with a nice medal with the Liverbird on it. I was 4th Lady, not bad I thought, if only I was 100%. I must be honest I was not looking forward to the next day, facing the 4 times up and down that footpath, seeing the same sites, running through the chinese restaurant, well not quite, just beside it.

The next day the groin strain didn't seem so bad, perhaps the champagne to celebrate hogmany had numbed it. So off I went again at 12 noon, legs felt a bit stiff, I ran with a very nice chap from Gloucester for the first 6 miles, then decided he was going too fast for me and I eased off. I carried on up and down the footpath, shouting encouragement to the others and them to me. My aim today was not to let my husband catch me up, he hadn't yesterday but just finished as I started my last out and back, he had beaten the course record and I was so proud of him. Unfortunately he did catch me on the second day, he caught me when I was on my third time back, he was on his fourth, never mind I thought and carried on running, I did struggle a bit, but finished in 4 hours 20. I was 7th lady today but 4th, 5th and 6th had not run yesterday. Overall over the 2 days I was 3rd lady, so pretty happy with that. For finishing day 2 we got a nice plaque with a Santa on it. Not sure I would do it again, the course is quite tedious, although I would like to do it being injury free to see just how well I could do."

Posn Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time PB/CB
  Melanie Ross L35 04:20:00    

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