Road Results 2010


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Fri 24 Dec

Last Friday Of The Month 5k

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98 Cat Gaskell 25:17
108 Douglas Josham 27:15

Sun 5 Dec

Las Vegas Marathon

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4758 Thomas Wilkie (M55) 5:28:12

Sun 5 Dec

Lisbon Marathon

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Dave reports: "After beating the snow and the fog , I was ready to throw in the towel as the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers decided
300,00 euros a year wasn't enough and went on strike. I had already had a flight cancelled from Gatwick and after getting up at 4am to catch the next morning flight to Lisbon only to hear mid-air, that we had to return to Heathrow, I had given up hope of running the race. Finally got there at 5pm on the Saturday afternoon.

The race itself was tough. The weather was 20 C and very windy and along the river the river it felt like I was pulling a tyre. The crowds were non-existent and on the whole the locals seem to feel aggrieved that a marathon was disrupting their city. Lots of angry honking horns.

Some pleasant sights, Benfica's football ground, a huge
statue of Jesus on a hill, a big bridge...

At the start line I felt tired and didn't really feel comfortable during any part of the race , in the end, I was just pleased to get round. The results aren't on the website yet and I forgot to turn off my Garmin. I am predicting a PW (the opposite of a PB).

The beers afterwards were like nectar from the Gods. Taking into account the travel, weather and rubbish crowd, would I do it again?? Hell yeah, sign me up !!!"

1019 Dave Freeborn 4:58:41

Sun 28 Nov

Florence Marathon

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Mel reports: "I ran the Florence marathon on Sun 28th Nov. I was really looking forward to running this one as I had heard so many good things, about the course being flat, very pretty and easy to run. I couldn't wait as had a ran a few hard ones lately.

We started at the highest point in Florence the Vialle Michelangiolo, the panoramic view over Florence was amazing. We started right under one of the replica statues of David. The downside was it was absolutely bucketing with rain and we had to leave kit bags a mile down the hill, it was sooooooooooo cold, we did get plastic capes, but these did not help much at all.

The first few miles were easy, heading downhill towards the centre of Florence, then heading out to the Parc Delle Cascine, the course wound around the parc up to about 15km (I was still wearing my cape at this point, just could not bring myself to take it off, it was too wet), then we headed back into Florence along the Arno riverside crossing the Ponte St Niccolo and heading towards the stadium. After that the course lead into the centre again passing some of the prettiest sites of Florence, the Duomo cathedral, San Marco Square and crossing over the oldest bridge in the city the Ponte Vecchio. The course was quite twisty at this point and difficult to run on, had to watch your footing carefully as roads were cobbled and very very wet, slippery when turning round the sharp corners.

It was so wet I didnt really look up to see much of the course, and I ran in a peak which I never do (so that lets you know how wet it was). I had to stop off just before half-way for a longish toilet stop to alleviate a sore stomach, but after that I was ok, must have been the chinese and wine the night before. I finished in 3 hours 54min so quite happy with that. The even better thing was I felt no pain in my leg or buttock, hope this has now gone or maybe I just didn't feel it because I was so wet and cold. I got a lovely pair of 3/4 leggings and another gold medal for my efforts. Would go back again as feel I didn't see the course or run it, in its best due to the weather."

4220 Melanie Ross (L35) 3:59:01
3:54:53 (chip)

Sun 28 Nov

Beddington Park 10k

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Rupert reports: "Today I ran in the very handy Beddington Park 10K, organised in support of the London Wildcare Trust. It was very cold, but bright sunshine and no wind, so the conditions were quite good - once we got going. As previously, it was 4 flat laps of the park, with all but about 50 yards of each lap being on paths. I had a good easy run and I was pleased with an unofficial time of 57:25, but at the finish I met a friend who told me that someone had told him that the course was only 9.6K. The bag at the end contained only a medal (quite chunky, and engraved Beddington Park 10K 2010) and a stress ball, but the bag itself (blue nylon, with double draw strings/shoulder straps) was worth having."

92 Rupert Quested (M60) 57:24

Sun 21 Nov

Penang Bridge Marathon

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  Rob Wilson (M75) 5:22

Sun 21 Nov

Epsom 10

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Official times and places

Well done to Bill, Ruth, Marc, Annette and Martin on PBs, although there is some debate on whether the course may be short. Several Garmins made it 9.97 to 9.99 miles.

Marc though was 6:59 inside his previous pb from Dorking 2010 so even if this was a tad short, the margin of his improvement would more than cover that. Bill was 1:08 inside his pb from this race in 2009, or 1:57 inside his next best from Tadworth 2010. Ruth was 28s inside her Dorking 2009 time. Annette was 34s inside her pb from Tadworth 2010. Martin was 13s inside his pb from Dorking 2001.

Official results revised 22/11/10. The organisers say the course distance was certified a few years ago. The start and finish have been moved since then but they suggest they have done this accurately. If this is so, then any shortage recorded on Garmins (17 to 51 yards) may be as a result of taking the racing line and straightening corners, or inherent inaccuracy of GPS.

41 Martin Lloyd (M50) 1:05:57 (pb)
65 Bill Walsh (M45) 1:08:32 (pb)
79 Steve Cooney (M40) 1:11:11
148 Nigel Pointer (M50) 1:18:01
189 Marc Wood 1:22:29 (pb)
207 Dave Freeborn 1:24:14
248 Ruth Cottam (L45) 1:28:39 (pb)
259 Doug White (M60) 1:31:17
262 Annette Helliwell (L50) 1:32:36 (pb)
291 Lorraine Thomas (L35) 1:39:14
318 Kate Knight (L50) 2:19:30

Sun 7 Nov

Surrey Classic 2 - Nonsuch Park 10k

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Well done to Lorraine on another pb, and also to Cat, beating her previous best by about 3 mins.

27 Martin Lloyd (M50) 39:30
28 Richard Fox (M40) 39:54
29 Andy Stalley (M45) 39:56
38 Bill Walsh (M45) 41:04
89 Marc Wood 47:39
96 Paul Brooke (M60) 48:04
112 Cat Gaskell 49:42 (pb)
130 Ruth Cottam (L45) 51:45
131 Annette Helliwell (L50) 51:52
133 Doug White (M60) 52:23
139 Thomas Wilkie (M55) 53:45
145 Chris Brooke (M60) 54:23
148 Douglas Josham 54:44
159 Lorraine Thomas 57:06 (pb)
172 Rupert Quested (M60) 1:01:10
191 Gill Stalley (L45) 1:05:08
202 Kate Knight (L50) 1:20:51

Sat 6 Nov

Enigma Track Marathon

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Steve reports: "On 6th November I took part in the Milton Keynes Enigma Track Marathon. This was my first marathon I had attempted solely on a running track so I was not sure how it would go. About 70 runners entered which does not seem many but it is a lot when they are all running around a 400 metre track.

There was a lap counter for every 2 or 3 entrants and it was their job to count the 105 and a half laps on behalf of the runners.

It was certainly a different type of marathon but not as boring as I thought it would be. I finished in 13th place in a time of 3 hours 22 minutes 49 seconds but had a distance of 26.55 miles on my Garmin. I do not know if the extra mileage was due to overtaking the slower runners and having to go in the second/third lane or I may have be sent on a extra lap by my lap counter."

13 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:22:49

Sun 31 Oct

Athens Classic Marathon

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Mel reports: "On the 31st Oct, I took part in the 2500th Anniversary of the Athens Classic marathon. I am sure you all know the legend of how the marathon distance was born - in 490BC a messenger named Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to announce victory, then he collapsed and died. Every time someone runs a marathon they metaphorically retrace the steps taken during one of the most momentous events in world history, the battle of Marathon. So for me to run the course where the legend took place on the 2500th anniversary was amazing.

We booked through a sports tour company, it was the only way to get an entry as they had sold out within hours of opening. Part of the package was a pasta party the night before, another pasta party I thought, I have been to so many and been disappointed most times. This one however was different, it was at the Hilton hotel, in their skyline restaurant overlooking the Acropolis, stunning views and the food was good too. The evening was attended by Ron Hill who stills holds the course record at Athens (2H10mins). I had my photo taken with him and listened to a great speech that he made. I was surprised as he has only done 115 marathons, less than me! He is now retired from marathon running, but he ran the 10k.

The race itself was one of the hardest road marathons I have done. It started at the stadium in the town of Marathon and ran back to Athens. The first 18 miles were gradually uphill, with a few steep hills thrown in for good measure, as my sciatica plays up whilst running uphill, this was not good. After that though the course evened out and the last few miles were actually downhill, which was great. The course was not very scenic, along the main road really, but we did run past the War memorial from the battle of Marathon, the Athens music hall, the presidential palace and Liberty park.
Normally I don't get emotional finishing a marathon, but running into the Panathinaikon stadium, seeing the olympic rings and the spectators cheering us on was too much and I cried. I didn't have a particularly good run, I found it very hard, but was well worth it. The medal I got was the best I have and will be treasured with all my others but will remain my favourite. At the expo, I had the opportunity to purchase a 2500th comemative medal also, which I did, so I returned from Athens with 2 gold medals - more than Paula Radcliffe!!!

Definitely one to do again someday!"

  Melanie Ross (L35) 4:19:37

Sun 31 Oct

Surrey Classic 1 - Oxshott 10k

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Well done to Lorraine on a pb, beating her Croydon 10k time by 21s.

18 Dave Johnson 39:37
20 Martin Lloyd (M50) 39:55
22 Richard Fox (M40) 40:10
34 Andy Stalley (M45) 41:56
36 Bill Walsh (M45) 42:05
90 Marc Wood 48:51
91 Paul Brooke (M60) 48:56
125 Cat Gaskell 52:49
127 Annette Helliwell (L50) 52:59
129 Doug White (M60) 53:16
139 Chris Brooke (M60) 54:33
148 Douglas Josham 56:20
165 Lorraine Thomas 58:50 (pb)
173 Thomas Wilkie (M55) 1:01:17
183 Gill Stalley (L45) 1:03:40
205 Kate Knight (L50) 1:23:26

Mon 25 Oct

Dublin Marathon

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Dave reports: "As I prepared for this marathon I still had bad memories of my previous marathon, the lonely Kent Coastal which I found really tough. So this time I was determined to enjoy and I
wasn't disappointed. It was a typical big city start with lots of runners squeezing through the gaps tying to find their baggage drop. Quite a few fancy dress runners, one of which overtook me at 23 miles whilst juggling 3 tennis balls!

I started off quite conservatively at 10 min miles and gradually sped up over the next 10. Loads of water stops and gels stops. The spectators were fantastic and were really encouraging during some tough hills. Although "the home straight now... It's all down hill from here" from one guy at 19 miles was a blatant lie. The steep hill at 20 miles was a swine.

The final mile was sensational as the runners were funnelled through a path that weaved though the streets and the spectators were packed in which created a brilliant atmosphere. A bit of cramp was really kicking in now but I tried not to let it show. My sprint finish wasn't the best idea. 4.25 was my chip time, so no PB but no injuries and felt very comfortable all the way. Great t-shirt and medal at the end then straight for several cold Guinness. Fantastic weekend and so far the only marathon I would do again."

6937 Dave Freeborn 4:30:52
4:25:37 (chip)

Sun 24 Oct

Birmingham Half

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Annette reports: "I did this last year and organisation was a little off! The queue for bag drop was terrible and the end was confusing! But the best if most random goody bag ever! (remember the cranberry sauce!). So I decided to go back again this year and convinced Roofus to come with me!
We started the weekend at Lurkers and had a really good Risotto there, YUMMM! had a glass or wine (well or two for me! not Roofus who was driving) then went to the Etap in the centre of town where we finished off the remainder of the wine between the two of us! How entertaining is it to sit in the lounge area of the Etap and watch the people go by! Various distinct groups, not many runners, or they were hiding or had an early night! There were the dancers (and mothers) who were in some local competition (groups of young skinny girls with buns and pink jimjams rushing about!), the randoms (a ??japanese music group) and the CLUBBERS! oh my life! the heels how can they walk in them! the skirts! I know it makes me sound old but they are just so short!!! so as Roofus and I set getting ready for bed, off they wobbled! and one group was all in fancy dress, there was minnie mouse, super mario, flintstones, prisoners and others.
Having gone to bed at 12.00 already to sleep we did NOT! I was awake at some point every hour until 4am! there were car alarms going off! people running down corridors, knocking on doors! talking ect finally went to sleep properly at 4 so was not very happy when the alarm went off at 7am! any how we had our breaky and a brainstorm! ask for late checkout! they gave us till 2pm for an extra £10 and since the room was so cheap we felt it would be worth it! And it meant that we could get dressed and just walk to the start!
Got there by following the crowds pretty much, it was bloody freezing there but lucky Roofus brought bin bags and we took them with us! the bag drop was better than last year so we put on our bin bags and dropped our bags! we went to find a loo and found queues instead! as we queued some clever bloke said why not go into the hotel! that was shorter queue and very warm which was a distinct improvement. We went back to get into the pens and ended up having to climb over the barriers to get to the pens! not good for a short old women with a tall barrier!
So we stood around for a while and then it started and we didn't. 10 mins later we actually started moving and then shortly after crossing the mat STOPPED! yes AFTER the mat! how annoying is that! anyway this set a bit of a pattern! paths too small, water stations poorly placed so as to get in the way of others!
Any way it got going and we had a couple of funny things like the blokes deciding to run the other side of the barrier and start getting in the way of the elite athletes coming the other way! HA! ~I saw Lurker examining her camera rather than taking photos! Mick and Phil and assorted other Fetchies! Much better finish this year nice long downhill stretch that gave me a chance to stretch my legs and then I saw the finish! completely clogged with people! I just managed to get onto the mat! JUST! people were wandering around! waiting for people to come over the line! WHY! one woman was walking back towards the finish line! WHAT were they thinking!!
took ages to get away from the throngs and pick up my goody bag, and make my way back to the NIA and collect my kit! lucky had a nice flask of tea in my bag! I put my new t-shirt on and we went back to the hotel for a lovely hot shower! really good hot shower and got changed into warm not smelly clothes and got into Roofus' lovely car to drive home!
It only took 12mins to get a text with the results though! so that's good and the goody bag did have chocolate this time as well as some random teabags!"

5613 Annette Helliwell (L50) 1:56:39 (chip)
5857 Ruth Cottam (L45) 1:57:44 (chip)

Sun 24 Oct

Stroud Half

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Dave reports: "Ran the Stroud Half Marathon today as part of the continued drawn-out comeback from back trouble. I did 1.28.25 which isn't bad but I'm not quite in top condition yet."

153 Dave Johnson 1:28:46
1:28:25 (chip)

Sun 17 Oct

Mallorca Marathon

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936 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:10:03
5:08:12 (chip)

Sun 17 Oct

Abingdon Marathon

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Well done to Bill for a pb by 5:59, beating his New Forest 2009 time of 3:32:55.

226 Andy Stalley (M45) 3:23:12
3:23:09 (chip)
256 Richard Fox (M40) 3:26:43
3:26:39 (chip)
258 Bill Walsh (M45) 3:27:01
3:26:56 (chip) (pb)
307 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:33:27
3:33:13 (chip)

Sun 10 Oct

Croydon 10k

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Looks like there were some problems with the chip timing. Many runners have no chip time recorded, and Martin's is somewhat generous. It should have been nearer 41:30 or 41:40.

Well done to Lorraine on her first race for the club, and a pb.

Chip times updated 11/10/10. Looking about right now, unless you know different.

35 Martin Lloyd (M50) 41:43
41:41 (chip)
39 Steve Cooney (M40) 41:59
41:56 (chip)
40 Andy Stalley (M45) 42:03
42:01 (chip)
123 Kaz Brandt 48:42
48:38 (chip)
146 Marc Wood 50:26
50:17 (chip)
177 Ruth Cottam (L45) 52:00
51:52 (chip)
193 Annette Helliwell (L50) 52:58
52:25 (chip)
247 Doug White (M60) 57:17
56:41 (chip)
284 Lorraine Thomas (L35) 59:46
59:11 (chip) (pb)

Sun 3 Oct

Jersey Marathon

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310 Thomas Wilkie (M55) 5:29:08
5:28:43 (chip)

Sun 3 Oct

Mabelthorpe Marathon

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208 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:41:07
5:40:54 (chip)

Sun 3 Oct

Isle Of Wight Marathon

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Mel reports: "I ran the 54th Isle of Wight marathon on Sunday 3rd Oct. After a series of mishaps, (missing the ferry, lack of sleep, dinner at 1 am etc etc) I eventually made it to the start of this marathon. It started on the seafront in Ryde. The weather was horrendous, torrential rain and wind. The course was very undulating following town and rural roads. These roads were not closed off and made running very difficult, buses and lorries went screaming past, splashing you with the puddles. At one point where no marshalls could be seen I was so close to being run over. Drivers in the Isle of Wight had no respect for runners competing in the marathon. It was impossible to run on the verge as it was sodden.

The roads went through the towns of Binstead, Quarr, Wootton, Staples, Lake and Sandown before arriving back in Ryde. I was so glad to see the finish, as I didn't enjoy this one one little bit. I was still struggling with numbness in bum/leg so going to rest this week to recover properly. Considering the circumstances I was quite happy with my finish time of 4hours 29min - was a hard course.
We got a very nice medal with no ribbon, no goodie bag or t-shirt. Not one that I would recommend."

  Melanie Ross (L45) 4:29

Sat 2 Oct

Grete's Great Gallop

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Annette reports: "Whilst on holiday in New York with Alex I happened to notice in the local paper Grete's Gallop. This formed one of a series of three races taking place in Central Park on Saturday, 2nd October. The races were all part sponsored by the Norwegian Consulate General and the Norwegian theme ran through all three with the children's race called the Troll Stroll.

Alex did not fancy this or any of the others and stayed in bed whilst I went early (7.15) to Central Park to try and register for the Gallop which was a 2 (and a bit) lap route around the park half marathon. I found registration but not breakfast, my plan being flawed by Starbucks not being open at that time! Although after registering I did manage to blag a Norwegian (what a surprise!) waffle and then finding a coffee shop in the park.

Suitably nourished, I took my place in the pen and we set off at 9.00. It was a busy race with 4563 runners completing. The winners coming in at 1.06 and the last person at 3hours 20mins. The terrain is surprisingly hilly and the two lap course was certainly quite challenging however I managed to come in at 1.57.32 and was 20th lady in my age category. Very disappointed to find no medal! Instead a beaker of Gatorade (yuk) and a plum (random), however we did get quite a good tee-shirt and if I had been able to hang around I could have queued for ages for a bagel filled with -- yes Norwegian smoked salmon washed down with a bottle of Norwegian water! My time although slow for some did represent a seasons best for me and I certainly enjoyed myself."

2255 (740 F) Annette Helliwell (L50) 1:57:32

Sun 26 Sep

Windsor Half

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1028 Dave Freeborn 1:49:25
1:46:54 (chip)

Sun 26 Sep

Cirencester 10k

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Dave reports: "Started running a few races after 7 months out injured and somehow got what I think is a pb in the Cirencester 10k".

Well done Dave, indeed it looks like a pb by 18s over the Worcester Pitchcroft 10k July 2009.

40 David Johnson 39:26 (pb)

Sun 26 Sep

Run To The Beat Half

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Well done to Marc on a pb, beating his time on this one from last year by about 6 or 7 mins, and to Cat on her debut half.

2741 Catherine Gaskell 2:00:50
1:54:03 (chip)
4358 Marc Wood 2:12:08
1:54:24 (chip) (pb)

Sun 19 Sep

Great North Run

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Bob reports: "Done it yet again, ran the first 5 miles with my wife and Paul then went off on my own. Slowest ever half marathon 1hr 55. Must be getting old. My wife finished in 2hr 29.

8639 Bob Chart (M45) 1:55:10

Sun 12 Sep

Nottingham Half

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2168 Ruth Cottam (L45) 1:58:54
1:57:57 (chip)
5823 Gail Donaghue 2:52:37
2:46:48 (chip)

Sun 12 Sep

Nottingham Marathon

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Well done to Kate on a fine run in her debut marathon and Annette on a pb by 9:05.

Andy reports: "Good conditions in Nottingham on Sunday for the 30th Robin Hood Marathon, which now has a combined field of 10,000 for the marathon, half marathon and fun runs. A 10am start for both main events, with the half marathon route taking in Nottingham Castle, some of the suburbs of Nottingham, a couple of parks and all of that is well supported by good crowds. The half marathon finishes close to the start on the banks of The Trent, while the marathon route then follows The Trent out to pass Notts County’s ground, out and around the National Rowing Centre, before heading back to the finish along the banks of The Trent again, passing Nottingham Forest’s ground, in fact going under one of the stands.

Eight Collingwood members were running. Ruth and Gail ran the half marathon. Ruth finished in 1:57:57 in 2,168th place, which she did not sound too impressed with, but she was again comfortably inside two hours. She then met up with Gill to support the rest of us, as did Steve when he had finished. As always it is good to see members supporting each other, shouting encouragement and displaying the team spirit that makes Collingwood such as good club. Gail finished in 5,823rd place in a time of 2:46:48, in a field of 6,143.

In the marathon, Steve and I met in the start pen before the race and we then set off at our own paces. I started much better than last week having, I thought, recovered from my stomach bug. Through half way and all going well only to be hit by severe stomach cramps. I then had a really uncomfortable run until 21 miles, when I completely ran out of energy, clearly having not restored my depleted energy stores. I jogged and walked to the finish in 3:34;38 and 263rd place, which was probably a good time given the circumstances.

Steve had run a much more sensible and even pace, to cruise past me at around 25 miles, to finish comfortably in 3:31;47. Although he had an uneventful and comfortable run, he was still a little disappointed with his time. However, 242nd place out of a field of 1,567 was still good.

Mel was dressed as a schoolgirl, accompanying a runner dressed as a schoolboy who was running his 100th marathon. She was in a small group which split up and she finished in 4:19:44 in 881st place, having struggled with an injury for much of the way.

Next home was Nicola who had suffered with calf problems for the last seven or eight miles. As she came into the finish she was heard to state, “I’m never doing this again!” We will see if that is the case, as I sure she meant, “this is great, when can I do it again?” She finished in 4:31:19 in 1,070th place.

Next home, was the marathon debutante, Kate Langley. She ran comfortably and smoothly through the half way point according to Gill (who was enjoying the races and a bacon sarney while we ran!) Kate passed Ruth, Gill and I at around 25 miles, still running and still broadly smiling, looking as she was out for a gentle jog and showing no signs at all of closing in on her first marathon finish. She had run a great first marathon to finish in 4:33:07 and 1,085th place. Clearly Kate has taken to the marathon distance well, as she never needed to stop.

Next back was Annette, who finished in 4:35:57 and 1,121st place, but not running in her normal easy style at the finish, having struggled in the last few miles, but never stopping running. Yet she had still run another good time and in fact a PB by over nine minutes, which is an indication of her recent good form."

Well done to the Ladies - they finished 2nd team.

242 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:31:57
3:31:47 (chip)
263 Andy Stalley (M45) 3:34:55
3:34:38 (chip)
881 Melanie Ross (L35) 4:22:26
4:19:44 (chip)
1070 Nicola Stevenson 4:36:15
4:31:19 (chip)
1085 Kate Langley 4:38:04
4:33:07 (chip)
1121 Annette Helliwell (L50) 4:40:53
4:35:57 (chip) (pb)

Sun 12 Sep

Harry Hawkes 8

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205 Chris Brooke (M60) 1:14:52

Sun 5 Sep

Kent Coastal Marathon

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Steve reports: "On 5th September, seven Collingwood members took part in the Kent Coastal Marathon which started in Margate.
The race started 15 minutes late, probably since September 5th is supposed to be "Be late for something day" as mentioned on last night's news!

The half marathon runners joined the marathoners at the start in exceptionally warm conditions for the time of year. All the runners did a 6.5 mile out and back so they were virtually back at the start where the half marathon runners took a left to the finish and the rest carried on for another 6.5 mile out and back in the opposite direction. The absence of the half marathon runners meant that the second half was a lot more lonely than the first half and most of the runners slowed a bit.

It was good seeing a lot of runners heading toward you but probably not for them since some were several miles behind. Most of the Collingwood runners were slower than expected. Dave Ross was the first Collingwood runner finishing in 17th place in a time of 3 hours 16 minutes 14 seconds. Steve Cooney was next in 45th place and a time of 3 hours 34 minutes 56 seconds. Bill Walsh and Andy Stalley changed places several times and Bill was pleased, finishing his 15th marathon in 63rd place and a time of 3 hours 44 minutes 17 seconds. Andy had been feeling poor for the last few days but still managed to finish in 80th place and a respectable time of 3 hours 48 minutes 26 seconds.

Mel Ross was next back in 143rd place and a time of 4 hours 19 minutes 34 seconds followed by Dave Freeborn who finished his first marathon since joining Collingwood in 197th place and a time of 4 hours 50 minutes 18 seconds. Rob Wilson was the final Collingwood runner back and finished his 380th marathon in 212th place and a time of 5 hours 01 minutes 28 seconds which was his fastest for several months, showing that it should not be too long before he will be back under 5 hours."

17 Dave Ross (M40) 3:16:14
45 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:34:56
63 Bill Walsh (M45) 3:44:17
80 Andy Stalley (M45) 3:48:26
143 Melanie Ross (L35) 4:19:34
197 Dave Freeborn 4:50:18
212 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:01:28

Sun 29 Aug

Moulton 10k

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Chris reports: "I ran with the Bucks/Beds Duo on Sunday at the Moulton 10K in Northamptonshire. Unfortunately both Paul and Gordon turned up injured on the day so it was just me who ran and my time was 54:06."

176 Chris Brooke (M60) 54:06

Sun 8 Aug

Wimbledon Dash 5k

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Well done to Marc on a new pb.
Our men's team finished 17th for the season, and ladies' in 12th.
Nicola finished 5th senior lady and Kate 7th. Ruth was 4th L35.

97 Martin Lloyd (M50) 21:02
149 Marc Wood 23:47 (pb)
168 Ruth Cottam (L45) 25:25

Sun 25 Jul

Luton 10k

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Paul reports: "Luton AC Summer Road Race Series 2010 - Race 3 - Luton 10K [25/07/2010]

A new one lap challenging course starting and finishing on The Brache at the Vauxhall Sports Cente which incorporates a 2K climb upto Luton Hoo and then returning to The Brache via country lanes and an undulating cycle / footpath.

Gordon experienced a 'tight fetlock' at about 7K, hence his slow time, and I found the course tough."

57 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 47:50
67 Paul Brooke (M60) 49:14

Sun 25 Jul

Elmbridge 10k

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Well done to Ray on a new pb, beating his previous best at Oxshott last year by 7s.

After this, the penultimate event in the Surrey Road League, Richard and Andy are in 6th and 7th places in the M40 category, Nicola and Kate are in 2nd and 3rd in the Senior Lady category, and Ruth is in 2nd place in the L35 category. The men's team is in 15th, and the ladies team is in 11th place.

144 Bill Walsh (M45) 41:38
178 Martin Lloyd (M50) 42:51
209 Ray Sullivan (M40) 44:03 (pb)
300 Nicola Stevenson 47:49
347 Marc Wood 49:40
397 Ruth Cottam (L45) 52:00
404 Annette Helliwell (L50) 52:24

Sun 18 Jul

Wardown Park 5k

Road Results Index

Paul reports: "Luton AC Summer Road Race Series 2010 - Race 2 - Wardown Park 5K [18/07/2010]

A testing 2 lap plus triangular shaped course with the hypoteneuse presenting a gradual climb through the Park three times.

Gordon had to stop to do up a shoelace !!! I was very pleased to break 23'00 for the first time this year."

34 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 19:58
66 Paul Brooke (M60) 22:52

Sat 17 Jul

Elmore 7

Road Results Index   Full Results

Well done to Ruth on a pb by 1:22, Annette by 2:28, Andy by 1:16, and Bill by 0:32.

38 Andy Stalley (M45) 44:43 (pb)
58 Keith Dunning (M45) 46:18
65 Richard Fox (M40) 46:57
82 Martin Lloyd (M50) 48:04
87 Bill Walsh (M45) 48:20 (pb)
120 Andy Southern (M40) 51:13
125 Ray Sullivan (M40) 51:44
132 Nicola Stevenson 52:02
217 Ruth Cottam (L45) 59:42 (pb)
235 Annette Helliwell (L50) 1:01:09 (pb)
240 Chris Brooke (M60) 1:01:34
261 Kate Langley 1:03:34
266 Doug White (M55) 1:03:54
286 Rob Wilson (M75) 1:05:50
308 Rupert Quested (M60) 1:09:59
344 Gill Stalley (L45) 1:18:51
360 Kate Knight (L50) 1:32:23

Wed 14 Jul

Reigate Priory - Summer Evening 10k

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364 Alison Fox (L45) 1:04:05

Fri 2 Jul

Cranfield 5

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Paul reports: "A challenging one lap course on country roads starting and finishing at the cricket ground at Wharley End [Cranfield University] taking in the village of North Crawley where a left turn takes you into Folly Lane and the 2 mile plus switchback which eventually returns you to Wharley End.

We were both pleased to better the times we achieved at the John O'Callaghan 5M the previous Friday evening."

31 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 33:24
101 Paul Brooke (M60) 38:17

Thur 1 Jul

Nonsuch Relay - 4 x 1.87 Miles

Road Results Index

9 Keith Dunning (M40)
Andy Stalley (M45)
Richard Fox (M40)
Steve Cooney (M40)


Andrew Griffin (M50)
Bill Walsh (M45)
Doug White (M55)
Martin Lloyd (M50)

39 Nicola Stevenson
Annette Helliwell (L50)
Gill Stalley (L45)
Ruth Cottam (L45)


Fri 25 Jun

John O'Callaghan Memorial 5

Road Results Index 

Paul reports: "Luton AC Summer Road Race Series 2010 - Race 1 - John O'Callaghan Memorial 5M [25/06/2010]

Hot and humid weather conditions on a Friday evening made the 2 lap undulating [hilly !!!] course on traffic free roads more testing than normal."

25 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 33:30
50 Paul Brooke (M60) 39:11

Sun 20 Jun

Richmond 10k

Road Results Index   Full Results

Well done to Andy on a new pb.

108 Andy Stalley (M45) 38:41
38:39 (chip) (pb)
142 Keith Dunning (M45) 40:10
40:08 (chip)
168 Steve Cooney (M40) 40:59
40:56 (chip)
186 Bill Walsh (M45) 41:56
41:51 (chip)
274 Nicola Stevenson 45:24
45:12 (chip)
345 Marc Wood 49:19
49:09 (chip)
413 Annette Helliwell (L50) 52:21
52:11 (chip)
432 Kate Langley 53:59
53:48 (chip)

Sun 13 Jun

Beddington Park 10k

Road Results Index   Full Results

Richard was in 2nd place till the last half mile when he was taken by Simon Donaghy, with Andy around 20s behind him all race.

3 (M) Richard Fox (M40) 38:28
4 (M) Andy Stalley (M45) 38:43
13 (M) Bill Walsh (M45) 41:59
27 (M) Marc Wood 48:59
7 (F) Annette Helliwell (L50) 54:16

Tour of Epsom and Ewell

Mon 7 to Fri 11 June

Day 1
Horton Ctry Park
3.3 miles
Day 2
Nonsuch Park
3.7 miles
Day 3
3.7 miles
Day 4
Epsom Downs
Time Trial 3 miles
Day 5
Nescot Fields
3.6 miles
Richard Fox (M40) (9) 19:28 (9) 22:39 (8) 22:43 (9) 19:44 (7) 21:13 (7) 105:47
4th M40
Keith Dunning (M45) (10) 19:33 (16) 23:13 (12) 23:03 (10) 20:00 (10) 21:35 (9) 107:24
1st M45
Andy Stalley (M40) (20) 20:36 (18) 23:21 (14) 23:16 (14) 20:28 (13) 21:40 (14) 109:21
3rd M45
Martin Lloyd (M50) (17) 20:22 (21) 24:01 (17) 23:38 (18) 20:40 (9) 21:35 (16) 110:16
3rd M50
Nicola Stevenson (34) 22:35 (36) 26:13 (33) 26:38 (38) 23:35 (33) 24:49 (26) 123:50
3rd W
Doug White (M55) (74) 26:10 (74) 29:38 (62) 29:54 (69) 27:04 (73) 29:19 (47) 142:05
6th M55
Kate Langley (80) 27:25 (83) 31:00 (75) 31:29 (73) 27:24 (74) 29:33 (52) 146:51
7th W
Dave Ross (M40) (18) 20:29          
Steve Cooney (M40) (21) 20:49 (24) 24:45   (23) 21:08 (20) 22:52  
Bill Walsh (M45) (24) 21:05   (25) 25:06   (24) 23:09  
Andy Southern (M40) (27) 21:46 (23) 24:41        
David Freeborn   (45) 27:03        
Melanie Ross (55) 24:49          
Ruth Cottam (L40) (71) 25:59 (76) 29:52 (65) 30:10 (65) 26:31    
Annette Helliwell (L50)   (97) 32:53 (85) 32:39 (84) 28:13 (80) 30:20  
Gill Stalley (L45) (101) 29:41     (97) 30:23    
Rupert Quested (M60)   (119) 36:20 (104) 36:43 (106) 31:21 (100) 34:16  

                                   (Race posn) Time

7 members completed the week, with 17 running one or more race, an excellent turn-out. Richard ran well all week but came away with just the t shirt as there were 3 M40s ahead of him. Keith won the M45 category with Andy in 3rd. Martin was 3rd M50, closing in on 2nd on the final night but with too much to do after losing ground on the 2nd night. Nicola was 3rd senior lady but would have been 2nd if not for Dave Denton changing her start time on the time trial without telling her, losing her about 40s.
Revised results for Day 5 and overall 14/06/10.

Mon 31 May

BUPA London 10k

Road Results Index   Full Results

Times amended 06/06/10, following corrections to the official times.

1266 Marc Wood 49:50
3329 Doug White (M55) 54:19

Mon 31 May

D-Day 10k

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Andy reports: "I travelled down to Portsmouth today to run the 25th anniversary D-Day 10km, which is normally run on the Wednesday closest to June 6th (D-Day), but was moved to the bank holiday this year. My aim was to beat 39:49, my PB set in February 2001! A new course this year, all on footpaths around the lido and lagoon, the cycle track and the running track at the Mountbatten Centre.

Overcast but nice running conditions, if a little breezy for the 11am start. All went to plan as I started off ahead of target pace, feeling comfortable. What surprised me was the fact that I was able to get faster as the race went on, finishing strongly in 39:03. My Garmin had the course as long, so if that was correct it equates to about 38:34. Very pleased – target achieved."

24 Andy Stalley (M45) 39:05 (pb)

Sun 30 May

Comrades Marathon

Road Results Index   Full Results

Well done to all in completing the world famous Comrades Marathon in hot conditions. All are reportedly very pleased with their times, with Dave doing a course best.

1195 Dave Ross (M40) 8:08:26 (cb)
3997 Steve Cooney (M40) 9:38:36
5459 Melanie Johnstone 10:07:25

Sun 23 May

Dorking 10

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Sy Lge Table Women   Sy Lge All Tables

Well done to Andy on a new pb. Richard missed his by a second. Ruth and Kate are leading their respective age groups after this the fourth race in the league.

49 Andy Stalley (M45) 1:07:01 (pb)
63 Richard Fox (M40) 1:09:14
124 Martin Lloyd (M50) 1:14:44
252 Nicola Stevenson 1:25:20
291 Marc Wood 1:29:17
328 Ruth Cottam (L40) 1:32:09
351 Wendy Matlock 1:34:59
370 Annette Helliwell (L50) 1:36:39
373 Kate Langley 1:36:45
468 Kate Knight (L50) 2:29:45

Wed 19 May

Help For Heroes 5k

Road Results Index

Andy reports: "This was a really good event organised for Help for Heroes, with all the £13.50 entry fee going to charity. Everything was provided by sponsors for the event, so you got a goody bag, t-shirt, towel, drinks, fruit, sweets and a few other goodies, to go with your medal. The race was started by Ray Stubbs who ran as well and the organiser received a letter of support from Princes William and Harry.

203 runners ran the route that is very similar to the course used by Serpentine for their monthly race. Half the field were in fancy dress, and the fancy dress competition was narrowly won by the three gingerbread women from the three Spitfires. Entry was restricted to staff of work and invited guests.

When I lined up, I was the only person in club kit, so I thought that I had a good chance. By the first corner I was in the lead, ahead of a pink fairy. I ran strongly, steadily pulling away from the field to win by 55 seconds in a time of 20:13, for 5.25km. My prize is a 30-minute sports massage."

1 Andy Stalley (M45) 20:13

Sun 16 May

Stevington 12k

Road Results Index

Paul reports: "The Beds/Bucks duo travelled to the North Bedfordshire village of Stevington for their last event in May. The hilly course started and finished on the playing field at the Social Centre and passed through the villages of Oakley and Pavenham. The homemade cakes and pastries available in the Village Hall after the race were most acceptable."



10 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 49:57
61 Paul Brooke (M60) 1:01:51

Sun 16 May

Richmond Half

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Well done to Richard on a pb by 2:25. Also, to Kate beating her previous best by 1:58, Wendy beating hers by 2:57, and Nicola by 2:48.


52 Dave Ross (M40) 1:25:25
95 Richard Fox (M40) 1:28:28 (pb)
115 Andy Stalley (M45) 1:30:01
212 Martin Lloyd (M50) 1:35:54
299 Nicola Stevenson 1:40:56 (pb)
552 Ruth Cottam (L40) 1:56:02
631 Kate Langley 2:01:07 (pb)
632 Wendy Matlock (L35) 2:01:07 (pb)
806 Kate Knight (L50) 3:13:36

Fri 7 May

Blisworth 5k

Road Results Index

Paul reports: "The Beds/Bucks duo ventured into Northamptonshire to compete in the first race in the Blisworth Friday 5 Series.

The 'undulating' course was basically 2K downhill, followed by 2K uphill with the final kilometre to the finish being slightly downhill.

[Gordon thought he had achieved a sub 20'00 minute time and I was convinced that my time was sub 23'00 !!!]"


47 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 20:00
84 Paul Brooke (M60) 23:01

Thur 6 May

Dave Clarke 5k

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A variety of Garmins suggested this one was still a little under 5k.


4 Richard Fox (M40) 18:24
7 Andy Stalley (M45) 18:59
8 Keith Dunning (M45) 19:01
9 Steve Cooney (M40) 19:10
15 Martin Lloyd (M50) 19:57
25 Ray Sullivan (M40) 21:41
27 Nicola Stevenson 21:45
42 Chris Brooke (M60) 23:54
46 Wendy Matlock 24:51
47 Ruth Cottam (L40) 24:59
54 Annette Helliwell (L50) 26:08
55 Gill Stalley (L45) 26:09
72 Kate Knight (L50) 35:32

Sun 9 May

Halstead Marathon

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Andy reports: "Today five members made the trip to Halstead in Essex to run the 16th Halstead Marathon. Unusually for this event, it was run in cool, breezy and cloudy conditions, compared to the usual heatwave. The route takes runners out to a large loop, then a small loop, the large loop again and a different route back to the finish. The course is never flat, no nasty hills, just lots of ups and downs.

Dave Ross was first home in 35th position in 3:10:43. I was next in 3:13:58 in 40th, my 4th fastest ever time and a time that gives me a Good For Age time for London in 2012. I was really pleased with the time and how solid I ran.

Steve Cooney was next home in 3:22:10 in 71st place, having a steady and uneventful run. Mel struggled with a painful leg and just missed the four hours by 29 seconds in 284th. Rob Wilson was 498th in a time of 5:28:06.

There were 508 finishers.

Usual well orgainsed event, good race HQ, good medal, goody bag and good t-shirt."

35 Dave Ross (M40) 3:10:43
40 Andy Stalley (M45) 3:13:58
71 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:22:10
284 Melanie Johnstone 4:00:29
498 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:28:06

Sun 2 May

Sutton 10k

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Well done to Richard on a new pb and first sub 40. Welcome to new member Marc in his first race for the club.

58 Richard Fox (M40) 39:34 (pb)
67 Keith Dunning (M45) 40:24
68 Steve Cooney (M40) 40:28
137 Andrew Griffin (M45) 45:46
164 Marc Wood 49:09
173 Nigel Pointer (M50) 49:38
212 Ruth Cottam (L40) 52:12
222 Kate Langley 53:20
224 Chris Brooke (M60) 53:38

Sun 2 May

Betty Willett Memorial 10k

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Paul reports: "The Beds/Bucks duo kicked off May with the Dunstable Road Runners/Stopsley Striders 'Betty Willett Memorial 10K' event organised to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. The course, with the start and finish on the Stockwood Park Athletics Track in Luton, was two undulating laps and passed through the village of Slip End, which has a pub called the Frog and Rhubarb, on each lap."

17 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 42:21
36 Paul Brooke (M60) 48:50

Sun 25 Apr

London Marathon

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Well done to Dave on a Guinness World Record as the fastest cartoon character, and to Nicola, Alex and Annette on PBs.

1630 Dave Ross (M40) 3:07:34 (GWR)
2649 Allan Rumbles (M40) 3:17:07
2770 Andy Stalley (M45) 3:18:14
3774 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:26:30
6679 Melanie Johnstone 3:43:03
8007 Nicola Stevenson 3:49:16 (pb)
22719 Annette Helliwell (L50) 4:45:02 (pb)
25417 Alex King 4:55:45 (pb)
27634 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:06:52
32354 Doug White (M55) 5:40:24
34416 Anne Flint (L45) 6:06:46
35804 Kate Knight (L50) 6:43:53

Sun 25 Apr

Shakespeare Marathon

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535 Nigel Pointer (M50) 4:25:50
4:25:43 (chip)

Sun 18 Apr

Flitwick 10k

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Paul reports: "The Beds/Bucks duo's final event for April was the Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers Flitwick 10K event which incorporated the Beds County Championships. There were 793 finishers.

The course is described as fast, undulating, scenic and accurately measured - it's positively hilly from 8K to approximately 9.25K with the remainder of the course being downhill to the finish."

93 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 42:19
268 Paul Brooke (M60) 48:26

Sun 18 Apr

Bungay Black Dog Half

Road Results Index

Ruth reports: "As the sole representative of Collingwood at Bungay Black Dog Half - I did a course PB 1.53- (prev at Bungay have been 1.56 and 1.55).

I believe that the Brighton contingency have also done well!

It was a hot one but a good one! Ray came along and cheered me on at the start and end so I wasn't Bungay No Mates. "

  Ruth Cottam (L40) 1:53

Sun 18 Apr

Brighton Marathon

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Andy reports: "Six Collingwood members ran the first ever Brighton Marathon today, which was Tom’s 100th marathon, making him the seventh full member of the 100 Marathon Club from Collingwood.

This was a great first running of the event (if very expensive), good organisation apart from a very narrow start which meant that the last starters took ages to cross the line. There were plenty of water stations and other drink stations along the route, which was necessary as it was a lovely bright day, with clear blue skies and just a hint of a breeze.

The route started out at Preston Park, making its way into and around central Brighton, before heading out to Rottingdean. All the climbs, which were minor were out of the way by 12 miles. The route was flat through Brighton and Hove, then around the power station at Shoreham, before heading back to Brighton to finish on Madeira Drive.

There were significant road closures, making this a really good and fast course. The crowds were huge and very loud. This was a smaller version of next week’s London Marathon and clearly will stay on the calendar.

The start was delayed by 15 minutes by a parked car on the course. Steve and I started together, to be joined by Richard by 2 miles. Richard and I recreated our battle from the Brighton Half Marathon in February swapping placing until 10 miles. Steve had a more steady start, so by the 10 mile marker, I was just ahead of Richard with Steve only sixty yards back.

I managed to stay ahead of the other two through to the finish in 228th place, in a time on my garmin of 3:16:48. I was delighted with the time as it was better than I could have hoped at this stage of the year. Steve was a couple of minutes behind me, having run quicker than at Taunton last week, in 258th place. Richard was just two minutes back in a stunning PB, well over twenty minutes quicker (26:19 quicker) than before, in 277th.

We were vocally supported by Bill and Gill. Gill and I stayed in Brighton to see first Doug, then Rob and then Tom closing in on the finish. Welcome to the club Tom.

A great day out down in Brighton. T-shirt, medal and goody bag to the 7,419 finishers."


228 Andy Stalley (M45) 3:17:27
3:16:43 (chip)
258 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:19:26
3:18:42 (chip)
277 Richard Fox (M40) 3:21:24
3:20:29 (chip) (pb)
6424 Doug White (M55) 5:39:30
5:26:42 (chip)
6498 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:40:31
5:27:23 (chip)
6722 Thomas Wilkie (M55) 5:52:57
5:39:51 (chip)

Sun 11 Apr

Taunton Marathon

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Mel reports: "Preparation for Taunton was better. We met another friend and the 4 of us went out to Pizza hut for dinner and went to bed at a reasonable time. The race didn't start until 10.30am the next day. This time it was a road marathon of two laps around Taunton. The first lap was good. I ran round fairly easily and felt ok after yesterday. There were lots of people doing the half-marathon, which was one lap. On finishing the first lap I found myself suddenly on my own, the traffic had been allowed to use the roads again and actually it became quite confusing as to where I was meant to be going. The cars were not giving us any space either. It was quite dangerous. I was now beginning to feel the effects of yesterday and last weekend. My legs were heavy and tired, it was getting hot and I was losing my focus a bit, resulting in the second lap for me being a lot harder and slower. I was a little disappointed with my finish time of 4 hours 6 min. Dave had a good run, he finished in 3 hours 9 mins. He also found the second lap a bit harder but pushed on to finish very strongly up the hill at 23 miles then onwards to the end at the Somerset College of Arts and Technology. Facilities there were good, showers, cafe, etc etc. We received a nice t-shirt and medal. Steve Cooney who had travelled up on the day also had a good run finishing in 3 hours 21."

17 Dave Ross (M40) 3:09:27
3:09:20 (chip)
36 Steve Cooney (M40) 3:21:43
3:21:36 (chip)
147 Melanie Johnstone (L35) 4:07:08
4:06:12 (chip)

Sun 11 Apr

Sandy 10

Road Results Index

Paul reports: "The Beds/Bucks duo were in action again on Sunday when they travelled to Sandy, Beds to take part in Biggleswade AC's 10 mile event which incorporated the Beds County Championships. There were 524 finishers.

The course was a 'pan handle' with the loop between miles 4 and 6 and passed through the villages of Everton [twice] and Gamlingay. The outward route was uphill for the majority of the opening 2 miles, undulating to 6 miles and into a cross/headwind.
The return route from 6 miles was mostly downhill with a following wind. A negative 5 mile split time would have been achievable by the really fit runners !!!"

86 Gordon Mathewson (M50) 1:10:30
252 Paul Brooke (M60) 1:22:08

Sun 11 Apr

Connemara Ultra (39.3)

Road Results Index

  Allan Rumbles (M40) 6:18

Sun 11 Apr

Paris Marathon

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Kate reports: "A great marathon to do, and very laid back atmosphere. The best experience was seeing the sunrise over the Arc De Triomphe, just before the start of the marathon, and it was a fantastic feeling being there, as the last time I saw this was 24 years ago on honeymoon.

This marathon was extra special to me, as it is a warm up for next year, when I am planning to return to mark Jim's and my Silver Anniversary, which is on May 3rd next year."

  Kate Knight (L50) 6:32

Sat 10 Apr

Connemara Invitational Marathon

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Collingwood's Allan Rumbles ran a warm and breezy Connemara Invitational Marathon on Saturday 10 April in 3 hours 50 minutes. He then went on to run the Connemara Ultra of 39.3 miles in even warmer conditions in 6 hours 18 minutes on Sunday 11th.

  Allan Rumbles (M40) 3:50

Tue 6 Apr

East Surrey League - Ewell Court 4 (4.4?)

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Our A team was 7th on the night, the B team was 15th, and the remaining team of 2 was 21st. 24 complete and incomplete teams took part. We finished 9th of 30 after this the final race of the season.

The first race of the new season in the East Surrey League will provisionally be 30th October, 5 miles XC at Lloyd Park.

17 Andy Stalley (M45) 28:55
18 Bill Walsh (M45) 29:08
21 Keith Dunning (M45) 29:18
31 Martin Lloyd (M50) 30:02
42 Nicola Stevenson 32:22
66 Ruth Cottam (L40) 36:58
70 Annette Helliwell (L50) 40:16
73 Gill Stalley (L45) 41:52
74 Rupert Quested (M60) 44:09
75 John Allen (M60) 45:45

Fri 2 Apr

Bletchley Enigma Marathon

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Mel reports: "On Good Friday Dave and I completed the first ever Bletchley Engima marathon. This was organised by our good friend Dave Bayley. It was basically one lap of the lake near Milton Keynes then out and along the canal to 14 miles, turn around and come back again. The organiser was very worried about the course being short so included an extra loop of the lake at the end, which was very unexpected and made the actual finishing distance 27.1 miles. Was a good event as only 31 people running, water, jelly babies and bananas were plentiful. Dave finished in 3 hours 15 2nd place, and me in 4 hours 7 min. We were both taking it easy as Running the Compton 40 the next day."

2 Dave Ross (M40) 3:15
  Melanie Johnstone (L35) 4:07

Sun 28 Mar

Worthing 20

Road Results Index

  Kate Knight (L50) 4:45

Sun 21 Mar

Monaco 21.1k

Road Results Index

Andy reports: "Having grown up watching Formula 1 and often wondering what it would be like to go to Monaco, home of the only street circuit in the Formula 1 Grand Prix calender, I decided to tackle the only marathon in the world which takes in 3 countries - Monaco, Italy and France. All was well until I found out the full marathon had been cancelled due to French elections and so it was changed to a half marathon within the principality of Monaco, 2nd only to the Vatican as the smallest country in the world!

The start line of the 21K / half marathon was the same Start / Finish line as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Pole and other grid positions were visible all down the straight. Provisional work for the Grand Prix was already underway as it takes 6 weeks to prepare the course, the pit lane had already had a fresh coat of red tarmac! The weather conditions were perfect, the flags on the poles were motionless and, although a little humid, it was dry.

The 9am start headed towards the 1st turn on the course, the same for the GP and 21K, the difference being runners turned immeadiate right onto Av President J.F. Kennedy and not up the Avenue D'Ostende - the steep uphill road that leads to Casino Square on the GP circuit. A quick out and back, (the turnaround being the small chicane after the tunnel exit) and we headed for the swimming pool complex - 2 chicanes before doing a 180 at Rasscass and turning right past the entrance to the pit lane and over the start line again.

Where we had first turned right we now turned left uphill Rue Grimaldi, a few hundred meters later and a right hand turn into a roundabout / tunnel system built into the rock! The following 4kms undulated along Boulevard du Lavotto through 2 tunnels and across 2 bridges. The 2nd bridge had the world famous Fairmont Chicane to the left, (at 30mph one of the slowest bends on any Grand Prix circuit) and to the right the famous tunnel under the Fairmont hotel, (among the fastest sections of any Grand Prix circuit at 170+mph!)

At 5.5km the route dropped down a ramp onto Avenue Princesse Grace, so many of the roads in Monaco are named after Princes and Princesses it's easy to mix them up. The turnaround was by the lush Monte Carlo beach hotel, ca ching! At 7kms the Fairmont Tunnel was upon us and we were back on track, literally. I've lost count of how many times I've seen Grand Prix cars go screaming into that tunnel, now it was my turn - on foot! The noise inside this tunnel on Grand Prix day must be immense, especially on the 1st lap as 26 of motorings most highestly charged cars descend into it from the hairpin for the 1st time. It took me 3 minutes to emerge into the daylight at the other end then around the small chicane and back to the swimming pool complex once again.

At Rasscass / the pit lane entry the course veered left into Tunnel T3 - T4, a 2 lane, 2 tunnel construction. This system enters Fontvielle, the newest area of Monaco which has been reclaimed from the sea. Above on top of the peninsula is Monaco-ville, the old town and home to Prince Albert of Monaco and his palace, the cathederal and the impressive Oceanographique Museum and Aquarium. Upon entering the tunnel the lead runner was already at the 11k, a full 1k ahead. The route heads south, circumnavigates the rose garden and passes the heliport with it's 5 landing pads. Now heading north to skirt the Stade Louis II olympic stadium and back into the Tunnel T3 - T4, uphill to Boulevard Albert 1ER and back to the Grand Prix start / finish line and 12k.

With all that in the bag it was time for the 2nd lap! I felt a little tired heading up Rue Grimaldi for the 2nd time and the undulation of the 2nd tunnel on Boulevard du Lavotto was telling, my legs were feeling heavy so I just had to dig in. Support was minimal along the route but the feed stations were excellent with fruit, water, sugar and buscuits. I had 2 bottles of water throughout the run and a sponge to keep me cool, wearing a sleevless & shorts was a wise choice today. At 15k there was a timing mat which I reached at 1:17 exactly but my Garmin was not on it's best behaviour, a low battery and lack of reception underground in the tunnels led to a somewhat sporadic recording of the run, by 11 miles it had given up the ghost!

Upon entering the Fairmont tunnel for the 2nd time I had gauged the last 4km of the course, it was time to apply myself to as strong a finish as possible. Runners who had passed me between 14 / 15km were in my sights and slowly and surely I started passing some of them! It was a strange feeling to actually overtake runners and feel strong
this late in a tough run. I ran hard for 1.5km then came Tunnel T3 - T4 for the 3rd and final time. The ascent was long enough and the last 2km was tough too, I wanted a PB but had nothing to gauge my time! The timing mat at 10 / 20km read 1:42ish and with 1km left a PB was not possible (1:44:48 in Liverpool on 29/3/09). Little did I know but as I rounded the last corner to enter the stadium Rachelle, my cheering, jumping, whooping support spotted me. I was "in the zone" focused only on finishing and completley missed her!

A cheeky 50m ramp into the stadium lead to the 1st of the 4 bends all on a running track (the water jump had been sectioned off thankfully!) I rounded the last corner and crossed the finish line in 1:47:57, job done. This was my 1st half marathon since the Bewl 15 last July so all told I'm happy with the outcome. Monaco is a special, unique place and although I intended to do a marathon completing a half marthon inside the 2nd smallest country in the world is quite a memorable event."

  Andy Southern 1:47:57
1:47:15 (chip)

Sun 21 Mar

Hastings Half

Road Results Index   Full Results

Well done to Richard on a new pb by 2s, and Kate by 3:27, despite moaning how hard and how many the hills were and how rose-tinted the course description had been from certain members beforehand. A tight one between Rich and Martin, with Martin needing another couple of hundred metres to catch Richard.

218 Richard Fox (M40) 1:31:26
1:31:13 (chip) (pb)
225 Martin Lloyd (M45) 1:31:37
1:31:32 (chip)
363 Bill Walsh (M45) 1:35:10
1:34:57 (chip)
1105 Nicola Stevenson 1:47:53
1:44:53 (chip)
1993 Ruth Cottam (L45) 1:59:14
1:56:13 (chip)
2459 Kate Langley 2:06:29
2:03:05 (chip) (pb)
2460 Annette Helliwell (L50) 2:06:29
2:03:05 (chip)
3853 Kate Knight (L50) 3:00:28
2:57:04 (chip)

Sun 14 Mar

Silverstone Half

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2938 Wendy Matlock (L35) 2:04:04

Sat 13 Mar

East Surrey League - Box Hill Relay - 4 x 2.1 miles

Road Results Index   Full Results

The 3rd revision of the official results have the times almost right, but it seems Annette's time is still wrong by a minute.

8 Andy Stalley (M45)
Nicola Stevenson
Martin Lloyd (M45)
Keith Dunning (M45)
19 Gill Stalley (L45)
Rupert Quested (M60)
Annette Helliwell (L50)
Andy Southern


Sun 7 Mar

Duchy Marathon

Road Results Index   Full Results


193 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:23:06

Sun 21 Feb

Sussex Beacon Half

Road Results Index   Full Results

Well done to Bill and Richard on PBs and to Kate on her first half marathon. Her time would have been quicker but for having to queue to get through the finish.

326 Andy Stalley (M45) 1:31:37
1:31:34 (chip)
332 Richard Fox (M40) 1:31:44
1:31:15 (chip) (pb)
369 Bill Walsh (M45) 1:32:20
1:31:52 (chip) (pb)
437 Martin Lloyd (M45) 1:33:37
1:32:16 (chip)
2825 Ruth Cottam (L45) 1:57:42
1:54:06 (chip)
4283 Kate Langley 2:11:04
2:06:32 (chip)
5184 Annette Helliwell (L50) 2:20:47
2:16:14 (chip)
5259 Doug White (M55) 2:21:46
2:21:01 (chip)
6093 Kate Knight (L50) 3:00:58
2:56:18 (chip)

Sun 14 Feb

Valentine's 10k

Road Results Index   Provisional Results

Well done to Bill, Kate, Richard and Gill on PBs.

85 Richard Fox (M40) 40:31 (pb)
94 Bill Walsh (M45) 40:46 (pb)
105 Steve Cooney (M40) 41:23
116 Martin Lloyd (M45) 42:05
172 Ray Sullivan (M40) 44:46
218 Nigel Pointer (M50) 46:56
221 Nicola Stevenson 47:02
254 Bob Chart (M40) 48:29
312 Ruth Cottam (L40) 50:52
355 Kate Langley 53:18 (pb)
429 Annette Helliwell (L50) 57:12
481 Gill Stalley (L45) 59:59 (pb)

Sun 31 Jan

Marrakech Marathon

Road Results Index

  Dave Ross (M40) 3:03
  Steve Cooney (M40) 3:21
  Melanie Johnstone 3:46

Sat 30 Jan

Marrakech 3.5k

Road Results Index

Steve reports: "We did a 3.5k race in Marrakech today instead of the Banstead parkrun as a warm up for the marathon tomorrow. There were a couple of hundred runners. Dave was first in 11:13, I was 5th in 12:04, and Mel was 10th in 13:11. We all could have gone quicker as we were told it was going to be 5k and didn't know till we passed the finish line. Looks like it's going to be 70 degrees plus tomorrow."

1 Dave Ross (M40) 11:13
5 Steve Cooney (M40) 12:04
10 Melanie Johnstone 13:11

Sun 24 Jan

Dubai Marathon

Road Results Index

Well done to Rob - 1st in age group.

916 Rob Wilson (M75) 5:27:59
5:26:03 (chip)

Sun 3 Jan

100 Club AGM Marathon

Road Results Index

Steve reports: "On 03/01/10 Steve Cooney joined 4 other Collingwood runners in the 100 Club AGM Marathon in Bromley. The other 4 members were full members of the 100 Marathon Club and Steve Cooney was hoping to join them since this was his 100th Marathon. Allan Rumbles was also due to enter but unfortunately had not recovered from his own 100th Marathon on New Year's Day.

As the name suggests, this marathon was organised by the 100 Marathon Club for members who had completed 50 marathons ("wannabe members") and also for full members who had completed over 100 marathons. It was also a handicap marathon so the runners went off according to their predicted times and all the runners were due to finish about 2.30 pm.

Rob Wilson was first off, then Mel Johnstone followed by Andy Stalley who had a 30 minute head start on Steve Cooney. Dave Ross was the last Collingwood runner and he started about 20 minutes behind Steve.

Due to the bitterly cold conditions most of the runners wore hats, long sleeves and long leggings but Steve decided to go for his usual shorts and vest!

Steve overtook Rob and Mel to finish his 100th Marahon in a time of 3 hours 30 minutes 27 seconds. Dave finished just behind Steve but his time of 3 hours 9 minutes was the second fastest of the day. Andy Stalley's time was 3 hours 56 minutes. Mel was next to finish followed by Rob. (Sorry but I do not know Mel's or Rob's times)."

  Andy Stalley (M45) 3:56
  Steve Cooney 3:30:27
  Dave Ross (M40) 3:09
  Melanie Johnstone  
  Rob Wilson (M75)  

Sun 3 Jan

Tadworth 10

Road Results Index   Full Results

92 Bill Walsh (M45) 1:10:29
  Richard Fox (M40)  
157 Martin Lloyd (M45) 1:14:56
237 Ray Sullivan (M40) 1:19:46
343 Nicola Stevenson 1:25:34
445 Ruth Cottam (L40) 1:33:03
447 Annette Helliwell (L50) 1:33:10

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